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trusted form application from Job Johnson

job johnson

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Before this starts I have dyslexia if anything seems off in the writing sorry


Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tongueclicking/


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:164010855


Discord User#: Duck Jandals#7695


Your in-game name: Job johnson


What is your game time?): mL3mMJg3ppXYtpkmmA_VkIWAL5sqWo0ywu825hLhzd1KGfbfkn1X2kLbIoA9N77i6GjHOZIuWMAFmSgTtV_j5D2hei8tGLxHH04xmbY3OPd3CafPaPBe1n142EU6kutCNBF4nQ18

all most 6 days


How many warnings do you have and Softbank/Blacklists ? : 4gORfjVNyK9XWRVF4Qn9FbTXdtnAZNY-hO25G4PeMkzYulbXNn_5NrWLsIAXFZrVe4E5hhHKZ3GUEJTDPG_-lqZ4-eeNWLWVz-7_4NYWgU8FMuZmk4svTVlRo3opPoxS_jF7i1Ko

Amrdm for the 31/10/2021 5day ban

Rdm for the 15/11/2021

Rdm for the 22/11/2021



Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

trying to keep it short and sweet I feel like I deserve trusted as even though I did get a 5-day ban for amrdm I did try and make it up by proceeding to grind out the next 6 days of my life on this one server I have played a collective of 144h In the past month solely on the server. I have spent time grinding up for a knife and even more money now I have also partaken in several playing events such as me and my mates becoming gangsters and taking over at area and basically starting a war against the PD then only a couple of days later joined the PD in the Vietnam something terrorist fight and Only a couple of days ago I play Prop Hunt with tuppy and some others. I know my amrad I may look bad but that was over a month ago and I feel like I have gotten past that point and I have purposely grinded out the 6 days to make up for it.


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?

The main reason I want the trusted rank is to help me and my mate bat soup maker Make different bases using the wire tool and sell them on to the community letting them go around me and him have already sold one base to white boy Carl And we have many other bases with the fading windows and other different things that we want to sell onto the market and I feel like having the ability to make shoot through windows copy and paste the base will help me achieve this and bring bigger and better bases to the community



Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?

After my 5-day bed on the server, I did make myself a very aware of the guidelines the other two RDM’s Were either me killing someone and not knowing or panicking when a cop showed up to a raid I do normally read the rules and guidelines before I do a job tho


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?:

I agree that if I abuse the rank it should be taken away from me


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?

I 100% agree to not abuse any Powers such as mention with those noise props or making impossible base's or it's running around stabbing people as freerunner.


I'd says I'm decently well known in the community I have partaken in events Such as when me and my mates became at the mafia and basically raged war with the police and the mayor during the time we did this about 7 other a people joined the mob I've made a couple friends on the server And I feel like it's just fun being around people on it and i love the real rp that is sever has


just around this whole spiel off I know This wasn't short or sweet but I would be much appreciated for the chance and opportunity to get trusted in the server I'm an old player of supremacy and I feel like this is the closest thing that feels like supremacy to me and the people in it are here are a goddamn blast and if you have read it all the way to here I don't know why but thanks and goodbye

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You joined the forums yesterday just to make this application, and you also have 2 recent warns with only 5D of play-time.

It also looks like you got your friends to +1 your app, sorry Mongrel mob better not rush me when i go outside.


better luck next time.

yeah mate i fully understand why. yeah didnt really want my friends to do it as well looks suspicious is hell also we well only rush you if you have nice shoes or meth. shot for giveing it a read and also sence then its now 6 days

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Hey Job,


I have seen you in-game a lot and your a nice as guy but I'm sadly going to -1 your app, my main reason is that AMRDM warn and your recent RDM warn as you have a warn for RDM about a week before that showing that you have not learn from you mistakes and have done it again so I believe that you do deserve the trusted role at this point in time but maybe in the future if you keep your warns clean. Good luck with your app.

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The community aspect like being recognized as someone new players can go to for help

So you would want someone to click through every name online to find a trusted player to then ask a question instead of asking in OOC and waiting for people to just be nice without being given a useless rank?


Trusted seems like a bs rank if not for wire, if you want to be nice and help people just do it, you don't need an empty rank to help.


From what I am seeing it is just peoples stepping stone to get staff or some ass kissy bullcrud.

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It appears that you only want to get the rank for the benefit that comes with it. To elaborate further, Trusted is more than that and I'd suggest looking at it from the community aspect, someone that newer players can look up to and ask questions confidently for the right answer and guidance. Your application is very well written and your activity in-game is great, however, your activity in the Discord and Forums are bad which could do an improvement. Please improve your rules knowledge as well as you have two repeated RDM offences alongside an AMRDM warn.

Please reapply in 1 week.

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