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aflernando's ban appeal


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Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:528750141


In-game name: aflernando


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): (GMT+10)


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Console


Further details: I was over at my cousin's place for the weekend and I didn't have much to do. My cousin plays Garrys mod too and he was playing on Olympus networks and after an hour I wanted to play some games. I decided to log into my steam account and load up Garry's mod and play on orbital RP. as soon as I joined I was perm banned due to alt detection. I checked the steam id it was linked to and it turns out it was my cousin account. I was extremely annoyed that he hadn't told me he was banned. I'm quite disappointed at the moment as I really enjoyed playing and interacting in the community as I had built quite some time and experience on the server. If given the opportunity to be able to rejoin the server I would ensure this would never happen again.



Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes

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