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Kleiner for Medics


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Discord, Forums, Other): The Server.


Details/Information about your suggestion: Currently Kleiner doesn't have a PM use in the server. I think it would be good if the Medic class had a lab coat person option and Kleiner fits the bill pretty good. I am NOT referring to the RGB version but both or either version can work.


How do you think this will benefit the community?: It'd be a nice cosmetic option for people who don't want to look like the Rebel Medics or obviously want to be RP as a scientist/docter who looks at least more professional.


Links: It's literally just HL2 Kleiner's model. So yeah...

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It doesn't seem too cumbersome to add one extra model to the medic class, might give some variety.


Although, I believe on death your model changes to a random one so honestly there isn't much point in obsessing over your model too much as whatever you select isn't really permanent :(

It's not very hard to change back to your desired PM either. It's definitely not frowned upon either because i do it a lot and i bet others do too.

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