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Free residential megabase dupe


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Ign: Jalabeanos Alejandro

Discord: Kabo#2635


*WARNING* MEGABASE REQUIREMENTS APPLY TO THIS BASE. I have no liability if you use this dupe without being in a gang of suitable size. You need to be in a gang with a couple of members to be allowed to use this dupe


Base has been verified to follow server rules by: Devo, Gladys Berejiklian. During this process of verifying whether if follows rules or not both fisckii and Dan Andrews had also taken a look at it, and weren't verbally against it.






trusted (maybe)

A gang with a couple of members (megabase)



3 floors with lots of room

17 damage windows. which include windows above, left, right and in front

Health and name detectors

Target finder alarm (proximity alarm)

Keyboard input which allows for quick and easy passage for those that are given the password (password default is Password)

Wiremod is neatly tucked away which gives the base an overall cleaner look to it

15 spare props which allow for you to build your own protection for printers/valuables.

Third floor has spacing on the sides which allow for efficient movement throughout the base.

A lookout to view the rest of residential


It's a megabase, which means you must be playing as a gang member.

Haven't used this dupe personally, which means I can't confidently tell you whether this base is solid or not.



You may modify this base in anyway

If the base has been modified you may sell the base, however don't sell as is.


Help: If you would like to have a custom password for your keyboard inputs, and you're not quite sure on how to do this contact me via discord or in game. If you would like more damage detector windows (the lookout doesn't currently have any atm) contact me via discord or in game and I'll implement these changes for you (service cost is 5k)gmod9-11-20216-24-42PM-750.thumb.jpg.b50981d24a1873721ac70b39b74e87a4.jpggmod9-11-20216-24-51PM-987.thumb.jpg.db7314c6f681a38ef3dd974ee53d4365.jpggmod9-11-20216-24-57PM-274.thumb.jpg.6334264e3ebd5cc862f50c589c6357c9.jpggmod9-11-20216-25-08PM-912.thumb.jpg.866875dfc885dcd29ccc3c6eafb9820b.jpggmod9-11-20216-25-18PM-102.thumb.jpg.00dc1ceeabe1a11e34eec93cc1c9a5c7.jpggmod9-11-20216-25-28PM-590.thumb.jpg.0c4c13653b742bb2285cba16f5a85be0.jpggmod9-11-20216-25-40PM-118.thumb.jpg.fedb7a56c5853132009f87ac2f983e94.jpggmod9-11-20216-24-33PM-571-min.thumb.jpg.8cb6f142be956503a87fa692fa6419ec.jpg

residential megabase admin approved.txt

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