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Free moonshine/meth/multi purpose base dupe


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Ign: Jalabeanos Alejandro

Discord: Kabo#2635


Base has been verified to follow server rules by: fisckii





35 target finder windows

Plenty of space for printers, drugs and general use

The two front gates are opened by a text password (which allows for team mates to open them), or the owners keyboard input (which may need to be rewired). On the inside there is a button in the form of a keyhole which allows for both gates to be closed easily.

The walkway is designed to allow raiders to fall off, this can create moments where the raider is required to open the first fading door again.

The hanging parts of the base are used to stop free runners from just climbing up the sides



Max donator prop limit

Due to the base requiring max donator props I wasn't able to implement damage detector windows, which led to me needing to come up with a solution. This solution was to implement target finder windows instead of classic button windows.

Rough build, could be optimised.

Couldn't implement privacy due to not having enough props



You may modify this base in anyway

If the base has been modified you may sell the base, however don't sell as is.


Help: If there is issues with wiremod such as needing a different password, windows not working, etc contact me via discord or in game (service cost is 5k).


Might receive an update in future, such as optimisation, health/name detectors of raiders, etc.


Default password for front gates is "Nice"


"Update made the front two gears(ladders) closer so it allows two players to climb at once"


warehouse free dupe base v1 admin verified.txt

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