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RoomyCap's trusted application


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Steam Community Link:






Your in-game name:



What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):




How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):




How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):




Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

I believe I should be trusted for the following reasons:


- I can increase the amount of enjoyment someone has when interacting with me, since the game is also based around RP i can create fun scenarios for people. For me, the game isn't about the money, it is about the RP, building, and knives so I can sometimes waste money if I just want to have fun.


- I build a lot, i believe that people who see other people build would inspire them to build something cooler as i was when i started. i could further engage people by allowing them to look at my buildings, either by inspiring or getting people to question how a building is made.


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?

I can act as an example for the newer members who are joining the server as well as increasing the amount of fun of those who interact with me have. I will also correct people on rules if it is a minor rule like having a KOS on a building base.


Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?

Yes, to a detailed degree, but sometimes I am prone to making mistakes with some rules


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?:

Yes I understand that the rank is a privilege and not a right, I will try my best to uphold the rank i am given


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?

Yes, and if i do i will wholeheartedly take the consequences without complaint (unless i was framed or something)

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Hi, roomy,


I have seen you around quite a fair bit lately and thus showing that you have increased your activeness. I have seen you being friendly and helping new players who do not know what to do. Thus, I will be giving you a +1.



thank you very much, i haven't met u yet but I hope we can rp together next time :D

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