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New roles should be added.


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What category does this suggestion apply to? Addons / Other.


Details/Information about your suggestion: Would like more roles to be added like bitcoin miners, companies / organisations like fast food places, restaurants, dairies and of course delivery places / shops. Since we have all these free warehouses and huge buildings left out, why don't we use them to their full potential and add more roles. The hacker role is also very underused so maybe if you guys can change the hacker role into a bitcoin mining role or something. A casino owner role with their own machines that dont need wiremod would also be amazing. Also Black Market Dealer's should also have temporary grenades / knives they could sell.


How do you think this will benefit the server?: 100% will make the game more enjoyable and realistic, will be new roles to experiment and play around with and it'll also let us use the factories and other buildings more often.


Links: No links included.


More info: As i said, this is only an idea and i have heard many people talking about the server adding new ranks.


Have a nice day



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Very convenient that you make this after the update drops




If you want a specific job to be made that does specific things you need to link addons instead of making a suggestion that is you airing your thoughts in a thread.

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