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Orbital crate adjustment (pre-vapecrate)

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Hi Team,


Your In-game name: Mr Spiffington

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:19010339


Details about the bug?:

-Before the vape-crate update I was trying to buy a vape-pen and bought an orbital-crate (which is no longer required).

-I reported it on the form and am really pleased to see that a fix was implemented.


Suggested fix?:

-Could I please have a refund of the orbital crate or replacement of the revolver (5.5mil) for a vape pen (3.5mil)?




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  • Leadership Team

How is this a bug, it seems like you bought the orbital case in hopes to get the medicinal vape and instead got a revolver + The vape case has been out for awhile now and you're only now reporting this?


I'm going to have to deny this request, sorry.

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