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What's your wifi like?


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I live semi-rural (4kms from the nearest town) and our main wifi is ADSL2. We also have a 4G modem outside that delivers similar speeds but is a bit less fluctuating. On a good day I get 3-6MBPS (megabits, not bytes) but on other days we get shit like this. I have basically been playing on 500+ ping all of today and no matter what we do Telstra won't help us out lol (waiting on starlink coverage to reach us). Anyways my little rant is over, what are your guys' speeds like?


Here's a test I did about 5 mins ago




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used to be terrible, would only work on occasion and was super slow (1mbps-5mbps on a good day). Gone through 3 different wifi brands and stuff but now on a new locally owned one. The photo is today on a good day while I'm in my online class video call with 3 other people using the wifi network


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