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Broken Raid glitch

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Your In-game name: frankee


Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:148327681


Details about the bug?: It's a bug where you cannot raid unless another member like mob boss starts a raid and you are involved in it.


Steps on how to replicate the bug?(If any): you become PMC Contractor or something else like gangster and wait for the mob boss to do a raid, and if you are separated from them you cannot raid anything else, or stop the raid since the leader can only do it. At that point in time I changed my job to something other than a PMC while pmc leader was raiding, so it had me stuck in the raiding text screen where if i looked at a door it would say i was raiding and i couldnt raid anything else, And if i tried to stop it, it would say you are not the leader of this raid so i couldnt stop it, and afterwards i contacted the pmc leader saying stop raiding and he told me he stopped raiding 4 mins ago but the glitch was still happening. Eventually I changed to a gangster and we did a raid on the pd which the i am dragged in on so it stopped the glitch from happening.


Pictures/Screenshots: Unfortunately I have no evidence of this bug but I hope it gets fixed immediately.

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