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Marketplace Guidelines (Must Read)

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[HEADING=2]Marketplace Guidelines[/HEADING]

  • All titles must contain the price and the name of the item/dupe. Example "[$100,000] Police Checkpoint"
  • Add screenshots of items and dupes you are selling.
  • No "How much does X cost" posts. Prices are decided by the community based on the perceived worth of the item/dupe.
  • For dupes, add a description and general info about how the dupe works and what it does.
  • You cannot resell dupes sold to you by another player without their permission. Doing so will result in a punishment depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Real World Trading (RWT) is prohibited. No IRL goods can be traded for Dupes or Items. If caught doing so both players will be permanently banned.
  • Please make sure you tag your post with the prefix "Sale" or "Sold" Depending on its status.

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