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PD raidable with officers online?


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other):



Details/Information about your suggestion:

Currently, you can raid the PD without any police online - this means you can picklock the armoury.

Doing this allows you to receive as many weapons and ammo as you'd like, without any risk.

I think this should be set-up the same way the bank is, with a certain number of police online before raiding.


Even if this is set as 1, as PD officers can break NLR during a PD raid.

How do you think this will benefit the server?:

BMD and Gun dealers would have a purpose during quieter server times.

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Hi tuppy how are you, my name is Indigo and im the GHC for PD. I am currently tonight going to be drafting up an idea for 2 new roles for in game. 1 will be for police and 1 will be for the public and these 2 roles will be clashing with each other (purposely). This will possible lead to many more PD raids, but i cant disclose the information until confirmed. And because of this I think that your idea is amazing, ill try to pass this onto the roots right now and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

-GHC Indigo

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