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Longer Text Limit


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): Other\Chat


Details/Information about your suggestion:

So sometimes when im chatting in pms, description for sit's or typing in general. I am usually acquainted by the text limit. Now this might just be me, overwriting the amount needed but I like to be descriptive when it comes to texting and making sure whatever im talking about comes across the board for people, and make it easy for them to understand. I believe it should not be to hard to adjust either, also I know their might be mingy people that will just spam OOC with lot's of writing. So could possibly only set it to staff sit's and pms, im not saying to add a infinite word limit but maybe possibly rise it a bit more then the default - cheers imhaydz's


How do you think this will benefit the server?:

- Being able to type longer

- Not needing to send multiple texts

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