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Banned for getting on the server

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Your SteamID (76561198964983678):


In-game name: BOT Harry


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 28/07/21 - 10:08


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: SERVER


Further details: Hopping on my account, tried to load into server, gets banned for ban appeal.


Any evidence you can provide: How am I supposed to provide evidence?


Have you become familiar with the rules?: YES

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Hey buddy,


Going to need a lot more information to even have a shot of receiving an un-ban..


Alt account?


What do you mean by "Banned for Ban appeal" ?


Have you been able to join the server previously?


Any information at all is better than nothing, it'll help the staff team get to your request faster.


Please add your SteamID too, which is: STEAM_0:0:502358975



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Good Day Mr. BOT Harry


On your main account you were warned for Stealing During Transaction and banned for 6 hours by fellow Jack Stone.

It seems you were already aware of what you were banned for and why you were banned. Even just banned for 6 hours, you impatiently decided to get on an Alt Account and hoped that you can still play but unfortunately we already have an Anti-Ban Evasion system. Even if it was an 6 hours ban or someone else accidentally used your other account to join the same server, it is still your responsibility of the account and you should be more careful instead.


As stated by the Server Rules:

" Ban evading will result in a permanent ban. "

We do not tolerate any ban evasions at all times.


Your Ban Appeal is DENIED

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