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What songs are you listening to?


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Listen to KSI's new album "All Over The Place", It is really versatile and literally all over the place containing various genres, I'm sure you would love atleast one of the songs. Give it a shot and have an open mind! Other than him, I listen to all types of music and so many artists, some being bbno$, The Weeknd, Drake, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Giveon, Daniel Caeser, Maneskin, Yung Gravy, keshi, AURORA, Dua Lipa, Childish Gambino, S-X, Lil Nas X, Joji, and WILLOW. Try listening some of their songs.


Considering you want one songs from each artist:

KSI - [As said before, go through his new album - it literally has all genres]

bbno$ - lalala/nursery

The Weeknd - Save Your Tears

Drake - Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon)

Doja Cat - Say So

Ariana Grande - positions/thank you next

Giveon - Peaches/Chicago Freestyle/Heartbreak Anniversary

Daniel Caeser - Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)

Maneskin - Beggin/I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE

Yung Gravy - Miami Ice/Yup

keshi - always/beside you

AURORA - Runaway/Cure For Me

Dua Lipa - Levitating (feat. Dababy)/Don't Start Now

Childish Gambino - Redbone/This is America

S-X - Too Soon/Always Wrong

Lil Nas X - Holiday/Panini

Joji - Sanctuary/Gimme Love

WILLOW - Wait A Minute/Transparent Soul (feat. Travis Barker)


Good luck Fred!

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I've been listening to literally any and all music by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. They are from Melbourne, and they're one of the greatest acts to come out of Australia. Their discography is massive with 18 studio albums in a decade, 5 in 2017), and is critically acclaimed. They're fairly popular in the US and UK as well. Highly recommend everyone check them out eventually.


If I had to pick specifics though, I've been listening to these (keep in mind these are all wildly different):


Heavy psychedelic garage rock:



Light acoustic rock:



Psychedelic rock:



Micro-tonal rock:



Thrash metal:



Enjoy listening if you can be bothered.

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