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False Warn

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:132840366


In-game name: Jaqueesh


Time and date of warn: 27/07/2021 Around 9:50 AEST


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: Lolly Gagger


Further details: I was raiding Meridit's casino base as a police officer came up behind me. The officer was holding a 2h gun as I finished lock picking the door. Instinctively, since this was in the alley behind spawn where I was the only person, I shot the cop who was looking directly at me with a 2h gun while I was raiding. To do this, I finished the lockpick, ran inside, took out my AK47, and shot him when I peeked. The officer did use a FearRP bind while I was lock picking, and (I had a screenshot but cant find it) I did not receive this message in the chat on my end. Obviously, I shot the cop and killed him, and the staff member in the sit gave me an RDM warning. I think it was fair to assume that since I was the only person in the alley and the cop was wielding a 2h gun off safety pointed at me, that by looking at me and walking towards me, and him peeking the door I had just entered, it was reasonable for me to shoot him, and I should not have gotten warned for this action.

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Hey mate


The incident report section is mainly for in-game incidents that occur when an admin isn't online and people would like to report a rule breaker..


I don't believe this a staff report.


So, I'm going to move this to the Ban appeal section - you can change the template to say "Warn" instead of "Ban"

Please make sure you re-write the appeal with the different template suited to that forum thread.


BTW, The admin who warned you is below:

[ATTACH type=full" alt="Lolly Gagger.png]545[/ATTACH]



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Hello Jaqueesh


I feel your warn is valid, you ignored the first compliance request, aka breaking fear roleplay, and then as howard [aik - cheeseking] tried to resume roleplay with you, you run into your house, get a gun/ got a gun out and straight up killed him not only failing to roleplay [ignoring the compliance request] but you killed him on false terms, i said i would overlook the fail rp which was also warn worthy, but i overlooked it and gave you an rdm warn instead.


I feel your warn was and still is valid, and its not very good thing to show the staff that offered you leniency by insisting that the warn was fail and not valid.


Lolly Gagger

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Good day Jaqueesh,


At first place, the cop shouldn't use his/her 2H and initiate FearRP to the raider lockpicking. Based through the trainings and rules of PD, Police/SWAT should always use taser on non-threats especially lockpicking and also raiding is also illegal by default so cops can actually tase you right away if they saw you lockpicking someone else's base/private property. But this does not conclude the cop is at fault at this situation, you too as well was at fault, you should use the yell command at the cop to make him/her leave (I know cops are immune to FearRP) but this is better for situations like this before shooting as it is to get the attention of the cop that you have the intent to shoot him/her.


Both parties are at fault.

Warn is valid and will stay.


Your Ban Appeal is DENIED

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