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Add a fourth gang "Cartel"

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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): Jobs


Details/Information about your suggestion: An inclusion of a fourth, new gang: The Cartel. Featuring Cartel Boss & Members. Preferably to rival the already established Mob.


How do you think this will benefit the server?: I've seen this done way back when Poseidon servers were still a thing. The idea is Bloods and Crips rival each other, so why not give the mob a rival. I understand the gang dynamic originally intended; Crips & Bloods are street criminals whereas the Mob is supposed to act as a big bad gang that operates at a much higher level. Although there are a couple of highly committed mob families, generally the Mob is played like a large raiding crew and they just face Crips & Bloods as equals which I find to be a real shame. For one it defeats the purpose previously mentioned, but it also takes away from the Crip & Blood dynamic! I'm hoping with this new gang, the mob can get back to its roots of trying to make allegiances with local gun stores and drug dealers while to cartel do the same. Y'know, organise! Like organised crime is meant to. Leave the petty gang wars to Crips & Bloods while Cartel & Mob work to secure a bigger business operation than the other. Hopefully this will also take some tension of the Mob vs Crips & Bloods, birth a new rivalry of sorts.


A second reason is often we'll find a single mob boss hog the role all day, and people want to run a gang that isn't just Blood & Crip. Hopefully with a secondary mob type role, this will be possible. I often find when people want to run the mob, but the job is taken, they go B/C and try to do it but it just unfortunately attracts people looking for gangbanging style gameplay when this may not be the leader's intentions. It feels unnatural having a Blood/Crip leader trying to run a large criminal empire.


Happy to hear feedback about this suggestion! Perhaps bring back the mob playermodels from iconic for the Cartel, seems fitting!



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I do understand we (The Morningstars) are often on Mob and do tend to stay as the role for prolonged periods of time and this may make it harder for those who want to play as Mob boss and attempt something simpler although we do try to be rather inclusive to all those wanting to RP within this, but I understand some would prefer to start there own organization and this can make that difficult.


So I think this could be helpful there if there is lots of interest in that side of the Rp and I would welcome the idea as it could help create lots of Rp for all involved.

I could go on but overall I think this could create an opportunity for more Crim Orgs to create more Rp whether it be passive or all-out war.

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