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Rob Kelly / Zytex's Staff Application

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Steam Community Link:



SteamID: STEAM_0:0:530392416


Discord User#: Zytex#6165


Age: 17


Country/Time Zone: Australia/EST


Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes i have a yeti nano that works quite well


What is your gametime? 1w 12h I am unable to screenshot my game at the moment as i have to update my gpu i can send a ss too whoever may need it


How many warnings do you have? 0 I am unable to screenshot my game at the moment as i have to update my gpu


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? 0


Do you have any previous or current staff experience? I have had many past staffing experiences on many different servers and games including a lot of minecraft servers including a server called Extremecraft with a big player base for 6 months achieving the senior admin role (2017), Mineverse achieving admin role (2017), Minerave achieving senior moderator (2017), Grandrp achieving senior mod role (2018), and a few other gmod darkrp servers i can't remember the name too but there was 2 i became snr mod and admin on in 2019. Even with all this experience I still know I can become a better player and grow still.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?: I believe I deserve this staffing position as I am friendly, active, helpful and always follow the rules. I have been playing this server for a while and have seen all sides of it and believe I could be more helpful as a staff member helping players and taking tickets aswell as holding fun little events . If I get this rank I will make sure I do everything to the best of my ability and help the server as much as I can.


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples): As well as all my other staffing experiences I also work as a commercial fisherman in the ocean and that requires a lot of teamwork and requires you to trust your team with your life as well. I also worked in a pizza store for 2 years witch taught me not only to deal and put up with peaple i didnt want too be near witch i belive is a very important part of staffing on a darkrp server. As well as these i obviously went to school for a large portion of my life as well.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?: The qualities i will bring to the staff team consist of always being active early in the morning till late at night, always being helpful, not losing my cool, being able to communicate properly and being fast and efficient at handling players as well as being a friendly and familier face. I also am a very good decision maker based on what i know and will listen too everyones opinion but wont hand out a false warn or ban.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:

I agree


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:

I agree


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:

I agree

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Hi Zytex,


I believe you've recently been denied for Trusted and was told to reapply in 1 week due to the poor effort in your application and negative replies from members of our community. To apply for Staff directly after being denied a trusted role is a little bit silly.




Based on this information alone:



In the future, please make sure you can screen shot your active warns and playtime.

This is really important when going for a Staff application.

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Hey Zytex,


I cant lie i have seen you plenty of times around the server!, I'm not The best one you should be listening too but i do think you need to achieve the trusted roll first, considering you did just apply for the trusted application I recommend you take youre time spend a few more hours on the server than try apply for the trusted application before you go for the staff, as of now i will give a (-1) How ever i Will think of changing my mind if you either of the following-

-Become a Trusted user.

-spend a bit more time then re-applying for staff.


You over all are a great guy to hang around dont take what i say too sirously i my self am i bit new too this i wont hesitate to admit :).



- regards Nezuko.

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