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Raiding Member Cap


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other):



Details/Information about your suggestion:

Add a cap limit to the amount of gangsters and criminals can raid on a certain location.


For example, criminals can raid up to who knows how many players, you can have 9/12 thieves on the server and 7 of them can band up and raid a certain location.

Another example can be gangsters and organisations. You currently can have unlimited regulars with 1 leader. I have nothing against that, but having literally half the server raid the bank is somewhat inadequate for the purpose of, say the police or security/PMCs hired to protect the building.

How do you think this will benefit the server?:

I believe it can balance out the realism of risking it for the biscuit, ie; the police are obviously better equipped and better trained, which should be a countering advantage that should be the risk of raiding either of the two government buildings.

Besides, it's no fun having to realise that a million "Someone has started to raid the Bank" notifications in chat pop up and once you respond to the raid, you're wiped out by 3 snipers posted opposite to the bank, with another 7 inside waiting for you.


Compare this to the PD numbers. Nowadays, we barely get just more than 10 officers and SWAT on during peak hours, and half of them probably don't even know what they're doing or they can't access the armoury due to their rank.


If you consider this a validable suggestion to implement, I will have no problem with whatever limit cap you will deem fit and suitable for the server. However, I would recommend for CRIMINALS to be 3 and under. They are meant to be a solo or a small team of thieves. For the ORGANISATIONS, you should probably limit it down to 5. While this doesn't seem like a huge step up from the criminal class, it's still beneficial to think that it should be a balance of gameplay combat.




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I do actually agree with this even though is counterproductive to most of what I do on the server.

I think the only thing I would change is to have it relative to the amount of cops/govt online so as not to sway it too far in the other direction meaning those raids would not be a viable and profitable risk in comparison to weapons and Kev potentially lost if the raid fails.

But overall I think some system to manage this would be objectively fair as I can sometimes have 10-15 mob on and when there are 3-5 cops online there's little contest in raiding bank/PD

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Bring back the 6 limit for bloods/crips and the 10 limit for mafia. It'd be a good solution that makes RP sense given the nature of the gangs. Alternatively just set a cap of 7-8 for raiders. Organisations like bloods, crips & mafia often have other things they need to do alongside raiding like patrolling/defending base/gang territory, visiting local businesses for tribute & recruiting.

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