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Hotrod's Commissioner Application


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SteamID: #76561199167098435

Discord User#: Femboy#4379



What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): 3d 14h 23m and 33s (at the time of writing this)


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot): 1 for RDM and 1 for false demotion I0F2ofn4W5dGQ5yzRNQ79--Xwmz9L1xUdep7n94-JzY0TrIfhUzCc5jzcJH6Z58R4IDQwNTo6QqnjpmVK_j9iK0yGp_aWyjbHH9YBe5dwb-WB5gz0WFPKwB4hppNo-DMI95FlVXI


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):


What is your current Police rank?: Senior Sergeant


What is your current SWAT rank?: Specialist


What are your other ranks? (Detective, undercover, etc.): probational




Why do you believe that you should be a Commissioner or Commander?: Since I have helped out many members of PD and SWAT, both parties want more active higher ranking people and that's my goal to train and make people into great police, I will hold a lot more training and try to get the lower ranks to not be scared to ask me or another commissioner / Commander questions about the PD.


I will take suggestions from them and not pick favourites as all PD and SWAT are equal.

I want to be the most active commissioner so then the probational police officers don't have to wait hours to days to get recruited.


Explain what you would be giving to the community, once received this role: I will be giving a more positive and active style to the commissioner rank, I will get to know every PD and SWAT member so then they dont feel worried about approaching me or others if there is a problem.


What are some qualities that make you stand out from other Police Officers? I’m more approachable since some PD already know me and I always try to control situations before they get messy, I’m always active and ready for any challenge. I want to train more and teach new Officers that being part of PD is a responsibility

I won't go on a power trip or pick favourites.




Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?: I agree to not abuse or misuse the powers given to me


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: I agree and understand if i misuse or abuse my powers, they will be stripped


Do you agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?: I agree

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+1 Although he fairly aggressive at times, Hotrod is a understanding and helpful player that from my interactions and experiences just wants to see the PD shine. He is very approachable and is always willing to help out newer players and correct mistakes, But is harsh when he needs to be and can step up in stressful situations while keeping a calm and rational head.

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