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Glorified Gardener (Seed Splicing)

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Ello, not alot of tutorials on yt so i thought someone on the forums could help.


Is there a correct way to splice seeds? if so any tips?

Theres a video on yt where someone had dark devil with 780g yeild, 50% thc and 18 seconds for grow time.

Just wondering if its possible on orbital as well.




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on this server its not worth, but if you get 2 of your best weed jars in one batch, (highest % lowest time to grow)

and combine them, they make weed seeds with better stats.

Its not worth it because of the 35% weed cap

The cap isn't at 35% I got a 42% seed but I can't seem to make it grow faster without reducing it

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Hey Filthy,


There are a few tips I can give you when splicing seeds, so ill make a small list for you.


1. Decimal jar percentages (34.02% etc.) are always terrible timewise.


2. Always look for jars that are less than or equal to the seeds original time, so if Dark Devil is 600s, look for jars with 600s, and higher thc.


3. Going for time on seeds basically cancels itself out, as you mix for time the harvest amount drops, essentially meaning you have to heal it more often as its in max growth longer.


4. Dont try get OG Kush or something like that to 35%, base Dark Devil is still worth more due to the type of weed.


5. When growing weed, grow it out to 800g, this creates the best jars of weed you can get, and also gives you more to work with.


6. ALWAYS, make 4 sets of seeds, and put 2 seeds away, this allows you to have a sort of checkpoint system, I normally name mine Godweed (strain number here).


Thats the end of my tips for now, if I do remember more ill edit this reply.


Regards, Raymond Reddington

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