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Demo's staff app


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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199209717071/


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:624725671


Discord User#: demodoxette


RP Name: Demo


Age: 13 age exemption by Fetus Milkshake (Vouched by ryl)


Do you have a working Microphone?: yes


What is your server time? (Post a screenshot): 1m0xtqMO2AAc8qER6NCjwCY6zcakP7y2tbDr6gm8ZBxf6Yx4OcGykpM0UmJwadZbE0z0NLgIvyU_eoWgntw2eebds4r32pUPtYJEzLKr4Hac4Z-iNRh8zZpbOZ0V7ERlH1wJQK2fL5USSoLX_Vmf9a8


What are your active days/times on the server? When I feel like it but mostly every day and play for a good amount of time, I normally play at night were lots of RDM goes on.


How many warnings/blacklists/softbans do you have? (Post a screenshot): d4m9LptZDVYGeWwww-qQGow9mOWZ0deC3jsd-O80JLRnT0X2aYybOVY4g4-TO1VT0Fq-sGc9PwH0_iowGiH4SngghwoctsjWA-mPQrwQcc-Tdt1AMYJwKjeKH2PX7IbJTPC3VaTOppDYrivQoNvC3Uw


Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples): Not really just admin on one of my friends discord servers.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:

Firstly, I have been apart of this server for almost 2 years now, I have trusted, I know lots of people on this server Including members and staff, I have helped too many people to count get started on this server, I have given people starter weapons (knives), I Don't have many warns, I feel like if i do get this staffing position I will be a bigger part of orbital servers, another reason is so I can make my pd events faster to make.


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples): Firstly, If anyone on the staff team needs help with something I can try to help out. I can maybe help with events if needed.

What qualities will you bring to the staff team?: I will bring a helping hand e.g If help needed and no-one else is able to help I will be there to help since im mostly always available, Ill be sure to help out if needed. Another quality I will bring is Persistence e.g lets say i got staff, I will be sure to help everyone and there sits to ensure the community can rely on staff since i've had some experiences where it took a bit to get a staff member to accept my request, But if i do get the rank i'll try to make sure to be persistent.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?: Yes


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?: Yes

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Demo is a great member of our server and I do not see any reason he should not be given a chance at being a staff member. I can vouch for his activity and persistence. He is also quite friendly to everyone in the server and has been for a long time :)


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                                                                                                                       // ACCEPTED

                                                 Welcome to the staff team

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