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Mr Osama Staff Report


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Your in game name: Walterburg


Time of incident: ~ 4:00pm 1/12/2023 (AWST)


Staff member(s) you are reporting: Mr Osama


Details of the incident: At Approximately 4:00pm today, Mr Osama had kicked me from the server due to accusations of me using sound emitters to create a very obnoxious explosion noise, however, it had been Andrew Tate doing the entire charade. 

I had been on the server for 3 hours prior, building a store that was very beautiful, especially cause it sold the best liquid in the world, alcohol. On this particular day however, the new wiremod swap-over had cause some issues with advanced dupe, and I was unable to save the building. No big deal, I had simply planned to have a friend of mine save it for me so I could restart. During the final touches of my building, I decided to use a sound emitter to create some ambient noise for the "Cold Room" I had made (It was at 0.2 volume, and could only be heard inside the store).

Obviously, this had showed up in logs, and Andrew Tate had just so happened to be sound emitter abusing at the same time. However, an active staff member, Mr Osama, had haphazardly checked logs, and immediately kicked me, with no further evidence, other than I spawned a sound emitter. Afterwards, he claimed that I was the only one that showed up in logs, however this simply cannot be possible because it wasn't me. Not only that, a very immature disconnect reason being "No" was applied, but this can be overlooked due to potential haste.


From my knowledge, it is not proper protocol to disconnect someone before taking them into a sit, or providing proper evidence to support a reason for a kick, besides, he could've just removed my props instead. But moving on to the sit, he brought both me and Andrew Tate to the sit room, and spoke to us in a very disrespectful and almost impatient manner, borderline yelling but not quite. He insisted that we "Admit someone did it or you both get warned", despite saying this, he let neither of us explain our stories, and raised his voice further. The Aftermath of this led me to figure that he WAS the one that kicked me, and upon me getting mad at him for erasing 3 hours of work he simply replies "Cry, Honest mistake" (evidence below). No sorry, or apology. While compensation was offered, it wasn't any significant amount, and the offer almost seemed as a borderline 'bribe' to get me off his ass.


In summary, the cause of his reckless actions had caused me to be caught in the crossfire of a sound emitter blacklist, and caused me to lose all my previous work in building, something that could've been easily avoided if common sense had been applied to the situation, something that Mr Osama did not provide.


Any evidence (If Any): 


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Hey Walterberg, first I'd just like to say that I am entirely in the wrong for kicking you, however a fellow staff member told me to just check the toolgun logs and as I did so, saw you were the only player that was spawning them in, I did not see any logs of Andrew Tate and came to the conclusion it was you. 

In saying this however, I don't think you blatantly painting me out to be aggressive is fair, me saying "cry" was a reaction to your sarcasm and hostility toward me, again, as a staff member is wrong and it is my responsibility to attack other players even when they have an issue with me. 

Your thread here feels very fake as well in my opinion, it comes more out of spite than out of worry of me abusing my powers. I tried to offer you compensation as I felt bad for making you lose your progress, and you told me to "get fucked" when I offered 100k, I'm not too aware on how heightened the economy is right now but trying to use this as an edge to say I was bribing you is simply not true, I wouldn't gain anything from it.

My reason for being heated in sit was due to the fact that I really didn't know which one of you was causing the sound emitter issue, as again (as I have showed fellow staff) the only person who showed up in logs was you. I was bluffing and Andrew ended up confessing pretty much right away, hence why I didn't let you explain your story per say.

I'm happy to take a punishment for this but please make sure in the future you don't maliciously paint others in a bad light and leave these certain facts out. If you have any clips that you think will disprove what I've said, feel free to forward it to management.


- Osama

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