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bye orbital! (fr this time)


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bye guys, this time its for real. not because the community knows im a little shitstain that shouldnt exist, but bc i cant access anything, two people, ”ella (the kid in killswitch server that has woman role” and “dagmar”, members of orbital community have managed to get all my personal details, my parents, and all my logins, and decided to change my emails, which i had to delete to prevent further hacking, and have leaked everything on the dark web, i truly think most of you are amazing in this community, i wont include certain names that were nicest to me, because that is rude, but i will miss u all ❤️ (btw i managed to access my forums account because its on a seperate email that still exists)


keep on doing good for the community!

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btw shoutout to @John Wunnerson , @Jenin Tanimoto , @catmealz , @duckers , @zazaa , [uSER=33]@Jack Stone/Whymsic[/uSER] , @Ruby Bartosh for making the orbital experience so much better, love yall


-edit: also ty to @Andrew Vape and @Konstantin Kalinski srry i forgor bout that

Woah, what happened, can u add my discord and talk to me please, I just logged onto here for the first time in like 5 months (zazaa0770) no #

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