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Slavery and environmental terrorism by the insurgents in the oil fields


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My title almost says it all, but I think the insurgents should be able to occupy the oil fields. When doing this they could take the profits, until the police show up and stop this. The police should probably in this case have some kind of NLR cooldown where they can once again try to take back the oil fields, much like the insurgents already have. Also, surely 5 minutes is far too short for this, the insurgents should only get to try this every hour. There would need to be something at the oil fields out front for the insurgents to press F8 and start a raid. They should also maybe just be able to destroy everything, but admittedly that could be extremely frustrating for the oil workers.


I think this would have great RP value, and I'm sure are some bugs here but I think they could be fixed.


Edit: whoops, can someone move this to DarkRP suggestions for me?

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