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Meth needs to give more money


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Meth is such a waste of time at this point in time, it's expensive to begin and makes little to no money


it is also difficult job to do and takes an extremely long time each batch


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This will benefit the community by allowing them to make money faster through meth as meth is a popular job but what's even more popular is the compliant of how little money it makes

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I'm not entirely sure to how much you make from it or whatever, but the ammount is certainly not as high as it should be. I think they key to it is purity percentage.

Regardless. It should be worth upwards of 10k per batch. Currently an average batch it worth like 600 dollars. Compare weed and meth together. There are good ways and bad ways of making both drugs.

Weed is based on time/efficiency.

Where meth is based on timing/minigame skill.

I think good batches of meth should be worth more than weed. As you need to focus alot harder whilst making meth than growing weed.

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