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FIrst I'm going to say if your here to make fun, spread hate or just annoy people just leave. Please. Dont fill this with hate for no reason all it does is waste time and make me feel bad.



I am probably never gonna log onto orbital again


edit: I might hop on time to time to say hi thats it


- I have too bad of a reputation

- I'm getting sick of the constant getting pulled into sits an shit

- I want to move on with my life and start a business or somthing, I dont want to live a normal life

- I am spending too much time on my computer and its starting to impact me (Im getting really bad posture and have to go to physio)


You all (most) are amazing people and have made a chapter in my life, I loved playing on orbital, Trying to be the richest group, Always talking to new people. I loved it. I just think its starting to have more and more negatives... Maybe I will come back sometime in the futre hopefully when I'm more succsessful.


I love you all and had a great time playing Gmod.

Here is a list of my favourite people on orbital in no order


- Duckers: You are so much fun to talk to and are very relatable. I hope we can keep touch every now and then over discord

- Brad: Always beleiving in me nomatter what I do wrong, He knows I dont mean bad and sometimes shit just happens

- Glitch: You were always really quick to respond to bugs I told you about and fix them for me :)

- Jenin: Had a blast roleplaying with him when Insurgents came out, It was so much fun just messing around on Cop and Insurgent team with him :)

- Catmealz: Just a cool guy, Talked computers with him and just a nice person to talk to. Also understands alot more than most people and is accepting of me. Also hope we can keep in touch

- Arpo: Arpo man... You were a great person, always helping me out, always being the first to solve problems, a great guy. Love you arpo <3

- DJ: Great command team leader, Fun to talk to, great guy

- Llama: Got me 2iC and I loved it, Hosts events and gave me me final promotion ever

- Hearing Aids: As much as I hated you at first, your a cool guy and funny

- AwsomeRAD: Sorry for making fun of you a bit at first, Your a cool guy

- Andrew Vape: Cool guy, loved talking to you and you played some great songs and gave great memories that time you were nightclub manager and played all that music all afternoon

- Scrimp: Always online and adding to fun

- Wallaby: I will always miss you buddy <3

- Cunt: That police investigation thing was sick



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This is really sad to see, I know I haven't been the best towards you zazaa but seeing a prominent community figure like yourself leave like this is sad. I wish you the best of luck with your future endevours and if you ever do come back to say hello I'll make sure to say hello!
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ty for all the support you have given me on orbital, i really hope u come back soon, the server needs more ppl like u to show them how to be kind to others, i will miss u!


ingame name: Barkov Kalinski (the guy who shown u how to spawn planes)

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