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False warn RDT

Mr Yeets

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Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:208363694


In-game name: Mr Yeets


Time and date of warn (Use timezone): 8.14 (Aest)


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: Jenin Tanimato


Further details: Im pretty sure this warn is false, now the reason was that I tased him but I wasn't even gave a scenario because I've forgot what happened and cant explain to them the misunderstanding. I get that jenin just wanted the sit done but didn't take the time to answer me as he knew the scenario and so did Eleas but yet just talked about punishments while I tried to understand what was going on and how I could help. (I think all admins should slow down and explain it to the people whats going on if needed to be like how catmealz gave me a warn 30 seconds into a sit once but hey that don't matter)


Any evidence you can provide: https://clipchamp.com/watch/ghSDBiKdizX (Me just asking whats happening for 3min straight)


I want to say this might be not false but Im pretty sure it is (upvote it your cool)

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Hey Mr Yeets,


I DID explain to you what you did. I literally said it in the clip, I even explained it before. But I guess you mightn't of heard me?


Anyways, I got sent a video by our good friend Pressed Charges (He renamed himself Eleas) on how you RDT'd him.

Just realised another thing, It's obviously on purpose since you switch from the knife to the tazer just to do it. Plus you never claimed it was a missclick... so yeah.

(Pressed doesn't have Medal so I had to put it as a YT link, It's Unlisted so yeah. Just copy the link.)



Sorry but I believe the warn is valid, You claimed to not know who Eleas was even though when I asked you, It was a minute after the incident so I don't know how you could have forgotten that quickly.


Just a side note: I got kind of upset over you repeating yourself over and over again so apologies for the unprofessionalism.

Also your clip doesn't record your mic?


I do see you as my friend but I can't just let a warn slide.


-Jenin Tanimoto

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It was clear in the clip that you tazed randomly with no reason or previous interaction.


Furthermore, it doesn't make sense as to why you claim the warning is false, yet provide no reasoning as to why and also claim that you had no idea what the scenario was.


How would you know that the warning was false if you didn't know or remember the scenario?


The warning will remain.

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