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Warn Appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61154159

In-game name: Iven Milat


Time and date of warn (Use timezone): 11/4/23 (roughly 11:50pm? AEST)


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: Duckers


Further details:


Dear Orbital Server Staff,


I am writing to you regarding the recent warning that I received on the server.


Firstly, I want to make it clear that my appeal is not in any way directed at the admin who issued the warning. Rather, it is in relation to the circumstance, circumstantial evidence, pressure on the admin, and the reporting player - who essentially begged for me to receive punishment.


I do apologise for any inconvenience that my appeal may cause, but I feel it is important to express my perspective on the matter. Whilst I understand that staff are responsible for ensuring that the server is a 'safe' and 'enjoyable' environment for all players, proceedings like this can take away heavily from the enjoyment of the game. This is not the first time I have heard from other players RE: their disdain & desire to completely avoid my reporter, rather than engage in the game and RP relations - I feel this speaks volumes when players are 'afraid' to engage in RP/Server like activities with said player. After learning more about the rules and discussing some ins and outs with various staff members, I have come to enjoy this server immensely (much more than I initially thought I would have) - however, incidents as such can truly smear and disincentivise player/s/ for even trying to enjoy the Orbital Dark RP server.

I hope you can understand where I am coming from, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts.


Furthermore, I would like to bring to your attention that the staff member (Duckers) had seemingly made a decision when the reporting player pleaded to be heard even further. -(Now, I do understand this can be my downfall for not clipping every moment of my gameplay, but should this really be necessary for me to enjoy myself on this great server?)- This made me feel like the staff member was not able to be impartial and allowed the reporting player a much further reach than I to influence their decision. I understand that this may not have been the intention, but it was the impression that I received (considering this player had now reported me x2 for crossfire). Please again note that this is not a direct complaint/appeal toward Duckers himself, I find him to be quite a fair and pleasant mod to deal with, mostly.


I want to emphasise that my intention is not to cause any conflict or trouble. I only want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly (and all can enjoy the server relatively stress-free) and that the rules are applied equally to all players, sometimes regardless of circumstantial evidence.


I truly appreciate the staff's work in doing their best to uphold & maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, and I am grateful for your time & effort/s/.


Once again, I want to apologise for any inconvenience caused, and I hope that my message is taken in the spirit in which it is intended.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.





Any evidence you can provide: I don't clip my gameplay, apologies

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Alright lets tango :coffee:,


Dear Iven,

I apologize for my mean spirited demeanor, although mild at best I had no intentions of harassing you in any shape or form. It may seem that I have it out for you however it is the situations that we meet ourselves that are to blame. I wish to present all 3 situations with utmost honesty and try to grasp an understanding of the big picture.


Warn Appeal:

I understand you wish to appeal the RDM warn duckers gave you on the time stated. I do believe that this is a fair punishment knowing of what you did prior which posed a great deal of doubt on your defense. To understand the full picture I will now be stating the prior events.


Initial Interaction: Cunt

I was a disguised swat member walking down from the fountain. I see your employer at the time (Kristen Walderon) handcuffed and walked towards the bank. I look at him as he walks to which you then proceed to shoot me while I had my back turned towards you. 4-5 seconds pass after the initial hail of bullets entered my tender body to which you then heard Kristen say "why are you shooting" to which you responded with yelling out crossfire 3x.


A sit was made. The admin, Cunt, then views the clip I provided and ruled out that it was unreasonable that your defense of "switching weapons" was unsubstantiated as it was clear that there was a period from engagement and stating crossfire. You argued the ruling and stated that it was unfair as "your side" was not represented due to you not having a clipping software. I offered to show you the clip to which you refused.


Clip provided below:



Second Interaction: Duckers

After this, I was in mainstreet minding my business when a free runner pimpslapped me. I checked to make sure I got the right person and engaged in combat with him. Using an Ares strike on a free runner was not ideal in a crowded area yes. However I had no intentions of killing anyone else in the crowd. In the clip you can see I briefly sprayed you with bullets while trying to hit my target. Because of this you made a ticket against me on the same grounds that you were found upon. However considering that your situation surrounded a single target, mine regarded a crowded area where crossfire is likely to happen.


Clip provided below:




Last Interaction: Duckers (RDM warn appeal)

Lastly, not a minute after you didn't get your way in the sit in the second situation you proceeded to kill me by the PD entrance and state it was crossfire as your target was the police officer supposedly carrying your employer. You begrudgingly maintained your innocence in this situation. The only reason why I "pleaded" for the admin to review the clip because he was ruling the situation based on a the combat render. I realized that this would only show an instance which poorly presented the situation. Here are the reason why I think this is a complete lie:


Whole clip regarding the incident:



* You yearned for fairness, however only called me out for impartiality when I presented additional information rather than a still rendered scene.


* Considering the interaction we just had, you had a clear motive to do this.


*You stated that you thought your employer was being arrested by the officer hence why you killed him. You kept persuading Duckers that that was a different situation and that officer killed should make a ticket instead and tried to disregard it. Looking at the footage, you were tpd back to the corner by the church and headed towards Whitakers. I turned around to see the officer already carrying the cuffed individual. There is a low probability that you mistaken this person to be your employer. Seeing as you did not see your employer be tazed and arrested as well as the model being clearly different (not to mention seeing it in a well lit area as stated by duckers).




*With no due diligence you decided to head to the pd and fired upon 3 people including me. Duckers reviewed the footage and said that the body of the officer had already slumped to the ground when moved towards me and continued to shoot me.



*There was absolutely no reason for you to kill that officer and admitted it yourself. You tried to dismiss it with Duckers so you can get away with taking your revenge on me for reporting you and not getting your way.


Appealing in a manner where you show yourself to be a respectful member is just humorous. You claim your innocence and project it as well. This is evident when you half-heartedly tried to insult me? idk your intentions were confusing.




Inspiring words truly.


In summary, I believe this not brought by the ineffectiveness of admins to apply the rules or our ability to persuade them, rather your inability to comprehend different situations affecting a rule and being unable to conceive the notion of different interpretations when it comes to enforcing it.


It is a pleasure to converse to you about this.



-The Real Mythic Queers

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If you wish to defend yourself in future sits and attain a sense of "fairness", install a clipping software. It does not take a long time to setup. I use medal for example and its just one button and then saves the clip hence why i clip everything. It can be hassle however when im deleting clips to maintain storage.




Rather than appealing to emotion, I suggest you set aside these whimsical words and stick to a more rational discussion. Logos > Pathos any day :cool:.

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Hi Mythic,


I think you have sorely missed the intention of my above post, and attentively reaffirmed my initial standpoint.


My words to you were not insults, merely insights - I genuinely think it is sad the means and lengths you would go to, to see me receive a warning (slowing your clip down immensely to try and 'determine' my thoughts and actions with crossfire).


I did not post here to 'tango' with you - you were actually the reason I logged off this evening because the 3 interactions I had with you on the server this evening were about as enjoyable as walking barefoot across a football field of broken glass.


I truly implore you to try and enjoy the game and server, not inherently trying to bring down other players with a slow-mo clip whereas you have me 'warned' for crossfire. You seem like your heart may be in the right place toward certain circumstances, but your actions toward myself (and multiple other server members) are turning people away from interacting with you on the server, or even going as far as logging off when you are online.


Please let the admin/s/ and staff reply to my ticket,


EDIT: Rather than appealing to emotion, I suggest you set aside these whimsical words and stick to a more rational discussion. - Rationality and emotional appeal often sit hand-in-hand, my point above inherently discusses both an emotional affect on the player base, as well as a rational approach and basis upon application of warns/bans and an approach of rationality to all players, not just those who clip each and every second of their gameplay.





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Good morning Iven,


I don't think I missed the intention of your appeal considering it's an "appeal" and I'm merely here to ensure both sides are heard as you pleaded for so. It's hypocritical for you to say the lengths I would go considering you wrote an "essay" to begin with and likewise called a sit upon me. I merely matched you tit for tat.


Slowing the clip down did not alter a representation of the events but rather implore others to scrutinize it. As I believe this would provide a better insight on the situation at hand considering the reasoning you employed.


I've already had my fill of interactions in the early days of the server. I've seen others come and go. I don't wish to extend the social network I already have. I merely enjoy the server as it is. It's quite inconsiderate of you to disregard what I had stated on how I enjoy the server. After all, who are you to dictate what is and isn't enjoyable for me?


Please go to sleep, this is my final remark for tonight and I only want you to have good amounts of rest.


Yours truly,

pyro gaming

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Mythic/Pyro Gaming,


You most certainly missed the intent of my appeal, and reaffirmed further so with this response.


I am - in no way, shape, or form - disregarding how you may enjoy the server, I am alluding to your interactions with fellow server members, you have left many-a foul tastes for more than just myself.


Please kindly keep this as your last response in total for my appeal/ticket toward the staff, not yourself.




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> Rather, it is in relation to the circumstance, circumstantial evidence, pressure on the admin, and the reporting player - who essentially begged for me to receive punishment.


1. There was no pressure on me, I hadn't felt pressured during the sit at all, it was my full discretion and I still stand by this decision

2. The evidence was not circumstantial, the evidence as I saw it was reasonable to warrant a punishment in my eyes


Now, I am not even going to acknowledge these replies except the last part in mythics evidence, since that clip is already provided in the thread I won't be re-posting it. but to summarize what i believed to have happened in the incident was this:


Mythic gets shot by the mob boss, walks up and follows them, kills them. Iven comes along and RDMs the cop who was not carrying anyone with RP relations nor did the cop do anything to iven themself, so iven is here spraying down the cop, when you slow the clip down, iven can be seen no longer shooting the gun with the cop already ragdolled up against the wall, iven now turns his focus over to mythic and kills him in a so-called crossfire incident. With the way the evidence is presented to me (I even requested for it to be slowed down because I couldn't tell what the fuck happened), it was easier to see a clearer picture. so for that and with the evidence gathered, I believed that iven had killed him while the opportunity was available, and not during a crossfire incident. There was crossfire initially that didn't kill mythic, but the resulting bullets that did kill mythic were, in my eyes, not crossfire.

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This is pretty pathetic honestly for both parties. You two are pouring your hearts out over nothing. Fisckiis perma ban appeal had less writing in it and that was for nearly nuking our economy, and here you two are, bickering over an RDM warn. After 10+ minutes of careful reading, I have deduced from the substantial evidence that yes, Ivan you are in the wrong.



You know you are in the wrong here, you've provided no good reason as to why your warn should be removed so its staying.


Pyro gaming (calling himself mythic for whatever reason?):

You go to such lengths to prove someone is in the wrong that it is so fucking pathetic seriously. you are now being told by the Head admin of a GMOD server that you care too much for said GMOD server. Everytime you make a ticket its another headache for my staff to deal with because you report literally every minute rule break no matter how small.


I'm not saying don't make any reports or appeals but seriously guys learn when to let it go.


For anyone reading this report who just skimmed to the end, don't bother reading through it you're seriously just wasting your time.

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