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Week ban appeal

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Hey there, i wanted to message and appeal my 1 week ban for abusing the image screen (ingame name scrotum muncher)

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95403496


In-game name: Scrotum Muncher


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 23/3/2023 - 3:01 AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Console


23/3/2023 - 3:01 Unknown - Offline Ban(STEAM_0:0:95403496) CONSOLE 1w Image Screen abuse (Major) 1w SB mersman


Further details:

So i hadn't been aware how to use the image tool, and after learning about it i decided to go wild with it. because it was around midnight and nobody was really online, i put up a relatively explicit photo, thinking it would be funny. This was the image i put up https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/836960120398413884/1088082794049175665/image.png

I hadn't been aware of the servers rules regarding the image tool, and as i had previously seen it been used to post much worse stuff, i assumed the rules were relatively relaxed.

of course this isnt really an excuse, so i wanted to apologise for doing this, and also to see if i could get an appeal.

No worries if not though, sorry again!


Any evidence you can provide:

i can find the clip of me seeing an inappropriate image in the server, but it likely won't serve much use


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

yep, ive taken the time to properly read through the rules, its a lot clearer now

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