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Ban Appeal - Lord - STEAM_0:0:728466206


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Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:728466206


In-game name: Lord


Time and date of ban (Use time zone): 26/02/2023 13:33 / 1:33


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: CONSOLE


Further details: I got banned for cheating yet I haven't gotten banned for cheating ever on Garry mod. I was in the middle of making a trusted application and I can back to being banned for cheating infraction. I was in the steam overlay then came back to being banned I wouldn't think of cheating on this server since I have over $1000000 and a kind community around me to make this enjoyable


Any evidence you can provide: no


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I Have Read All The Rules On The 26/02/2023 1400 - 2:00pm

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