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Monkey instead of Rat job, and also the hit price minimum should be $1000

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Honestly, the rats are getting old, we need monkeys. Im sure everyone would agree with me on this.

Secondly, the hit price is $100, which is currently wayyyy too low. the amount of times that i have been killed by $100 hits is just annoying and its almost considered RDM in my books. If it was $1000 like other servers it would be fair.


How do you think this will benefit the community?:


The monkey job instead of the rat job would benefit the community insanely, more happiness, more monkey and everyone would actually like the monkeys instead of the disgusting rats.

The hit price is another advantage, this means that people wont be getting killed as much for such a low price.





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This may sound crazy, but the rats are extremely important to the game.


You see, they are the pest in the sewers. They give indirect protection to those basing in the sewers, making raids difficult at the expense of making it harder to sell as every time you step out you risk your life. Getting rid of them for monkeys would rid the difficulty of the sewers.


However, that point is horrible. As in your opinion would be the direct swap from rats to monkeys.


I personally believe rats would never get old. Massive human size rats roaming the streets and occasionally getting absolutely murked is hilarious for both players ( in my experience ). The player model is stupidly good and honestly one of my favourite roles due to its sheer stupidity. I’ve been on many other servers with monkeys and all there player modes have been stupid but not funny.


Looking back at what I wrote, it honestly could be wrapped up in one sentence



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