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Zazaa's trusted app


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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zazaaisdagoat/


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:625027514


Discord User#: zazaa#0770


Your in-game name: zazaa


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):



How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):


(as for the racist remarks I do regret it and get that I was in the wrong, but I would like to say that when that happened when I was talking to my mates about "invasion day" and shit over discord and accidentally held my talk keybind at the wrong time)


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):

Refer to above


Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

I believe I deserve trusted because I love to play on the server and love to help people, 2 days ago I helped a new player with some basic building knowledge, and I just try to help whenever I can when I hear people are having problems, I enjoy playing and I can help people with wiremod as well since i'm not the best but I know the basics, I love to have fun but also make sure roleplay is being followed mostly and try to report and get rid of people that dont bother to read and make the server a less fun experience


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?

As said above, I can help out with wiremod stuff to an extent, and I also can help new people out, I enjoy working with people who are nice to me and I enjoy playing all different roles and helping people out by letting them know rules that they didn't realise they were breaking so they don't get in trouble for it


Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?



Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?:



Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?



(Edit made to fix spelling)

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I see zazaa on very often and I don't think he's a bad player, I just know a lot of the community don't like him mainly for his voice and having such a negative weigh by everyone else as a trusted role might give new players a bad outlook on you.


I think he should be given a +1, but it's a very hard thing to give.

basically, Good player, awfully bad reputation. If i could give it a neutral rating I would since i'd be more giving a feedback, since there's just as many negatives as there are positives.

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God this is such a hard decision to make...


like what duckers said, you are an active player, but have an awfully bad reputation. Now i dont want to have any opinionated answers based on voice and other stupid reasons for people not to like someone, because i want to make this fair.


You have very good playtime, but very questionable warns, many of them being on the same day. Its good to see that they have tampered off, but what really bugs me is that almost all of these are definitely not accidental, if a lot more were RDM warns, this would be way more forgivable and acceptable.


This is the TRUSTED role, people should be able to look at you and know that you aren't going to ruin their experience, which isn't something i can say about you. Its very ironic that despite you calling so many sits, it seems as if you dont really follow the rules yourself, which is a sign of resentment towards players for no reason.


Also with the amount of speelin erorz in the application (which have since been cleared, be careful doing that), its clear that you couldn't be bothered proof-reading it, which is crazy, since it isn't overly long.


Sorry brother, but this is going to be a -1, I dont have anything against you as i can't say i have had a bad experience talking to you, but i know others will. So show that you are a genuinely kind person to people, help them out, engage in their roleplays, and don't just look for every reason to put someone in a sit, which can be an instant mood-killer for so many people.


I would love to see you apply again man, i bet you got what it takes, it just needs time.



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tbh id probably +1 you.

i don't particularly like you that much because ive seen you say cringe stuff in ooc countless times and i think you are propably on the mingier side but never the less you have shown great activity and commitment to the server and besides making racist remarks on the 27th you've gone a fair while without a warn. its a tough call, it would have been much easier to plus one you if you had waited a week or 2 before making this app going clean without any more warns.

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zazaa is a good friend of mine who I believe deserves trusted. He has a good intent, he just gets bullied a lot because of his voice and apparent young age, which I can confirm he is not lying about his age. He only spam reports about small things when its against someone that is rude to him. I know he has suicidal and racial remark warns, But I know he didn't mean them, they were just an impulse say, and I'm certain he regrets them; not to say it was ok but he does regret it.


He is very dedicated to the server and tries not to ruin the experience for any new players, he mostly only annoys players who are minges in his opinion. I have seen him helping out new and old players quite consistently.


Good luck zazaa

- Shackaboo

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Congratulations on receiving trusted!


Please message one of the following people on Discord to receive your in-game, forum and Discord rank:

Arpo: Arpo#0001

Mike Unstore: Andyyyyy#7041

mersman: mersman#8224

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