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ban appeals

bob roly

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Your SteamID:76561199188998626


In-game name: bob roly/ nervos


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): today around 6:00pm Sydney


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: john kevin


Further details:

i am a repeat offender of rdm but for this reason i was banned for a false report

i was playing at around 6:00pm Sydney and i was playing around and i was a thief i saw that someone was in the police office and i told him drop 20k or rdm and i was trying to mug him. im not sure if my mic was not working or if he didn't hear me but he stood still looked at me then ran so i gunned him down on the spot. i do not remember his name but he was a hitman. after that but not instantly i got off then hopped back on at 6:30ish and it said i was banned by john Kevin for rdm repeat offender but ive only been banned once before.



Any evidence you can provide: no


Have you become familiar with the rules?: not really i joined this server 1 dy prior to this

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Hey Bob Roly


I few things that I would like to say


- When Mugging you did not /y which is required it initiate FearRP and the mug itself


- You can only mug for a max of 15k not 20k


- you had left the server before I could discuss this matter with you in a sit and going off your recent ban I had done what I done


- because you had left the server soon after the incident and i added LTAP (leave to avoid punishment) which doubles you punishment but if you can give a good reason why you had left the server I would be happy to reduce the punishment


I hope this helps you understand why you were banned


- John Kevin

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Since no evidence was provided from either side, the evidence needed was found within logs. You left about 2 minutes after you had killed the hitman and before you were teleported into a sit. Therefore, I feel as though the LTAP wasn't needed.


With this being said, you still broke rules. You didn't advertise the mugging in chat and you claimed to mug for 20k when 15k is the maximum. Because of this and your recent RDM warning, you could have been banned for 3 days. John Kevin has been lenient with you and hasn't extended the time even though LTAP was included.


The warning will be rewritten, however, the ban will remain.

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