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Mech Dupe - Changable Colours

Mashed Potatoes

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COLOUR CHANGE - with the two colour panels you will find the two green dramatic buttons on the left, when clicked they will turn read signifying the switch, to switch colours on the top button you will need to turn it red to select the custom colour panel, you will be able to use Red, Green, Blue (RGB) to make what ever colour you desire, if you want to select off of this mode, you will need to turn the top button back to green. the second bottom green dramatic button, this button switches between rainbow and the preset colour panel with 8 colours, to select the rainbow it will be need to be set on green, but for the preset colour panel, you will need to select the bottom green dramatic button to red, then on you can press whatever colour you would like on the bottom panel, but since they are toggle buttons please be sure to unselect the previous colour you just used.


the colour viewer is the current colour of the mech parts, its useful for knowing exactly what is/isnt happening,


to open the mechs front panel, you will need to press 1 on your keypad (fuck 60% keyboard users)


if you have any questions please ask



mech 1 l_015.txt

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