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Cozzah's Staff Application


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  • You must be 15 and over to apply.
  • Your total game time must be 4 days and over.
  • You must be well known within the community.
  • You must be well informed with all of our rules.
  • You must NOT advertise your application.




Steam Community Link:






Discord User#:



Your in-game name:



Age: 19


Do you have a working Microphone?:

Yes, I don’t use it all the time but will absolutely always use it for staff sits and the like.


What is your server time? (Post a screenshot):



What are your active days/times on the server?

Will be going back to study on the 30th of January so till then I can be on from 9 AM - midnight NZST. once I am off break I should be able to do 3 PM - 9 PM every weekday and 10 AM - midnight on weekends.


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):



I currently have 0 warns


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):

(Please refer to the image above)


Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):

Yes, I have staffed a few servers but it was years ago and I have only just recently gotten back into gmod and can't remember the server or my rank. The most recent server I have staffed would be Ranch RP where I was admin almost head admin. The only reason I was given by the staff manager as to why I was not given head admin was due to me not responding to a message I was apparently sent regarding if i wanted the rank, but I was never able to find a trace of said message. Because of this, it was given to another fellow admin.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:

As I am hoping my application shows, I believe I am deserving of this position as I am an active member of this community spending many hours on the server every day and attempting to be active on forms as well as discord which I do struggle with but am currently working on. I also believe my playtime matched with my lack of warns clearly exemplifies my vast knowledge of the server rules and ability to willingly follow them. Working as a team is something I believe I thrive in as I like being able to get the opinions of other team members while also being able to go to them to ask questions I may be unsure of the answer to. This all allows me to learn much faster and become a better staff member. Because of this, I believe I will be able to thrive as a staff member on Orbital. This and the next two answers I hope will clearly show why I believe I deserve to be part of the staff team.


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):


Constant problems:

I am currently studying computer engineering where just about all of last year I was building practice business infrastructures using windows VMs. When doing this, me and my team constantly came across countless problems and errors. To help each other out we had a discord chat dedicated to asking and receiving help from other members of the team for whatever error we could not find out how to fix on our own. This was well executed as when someone posted the problem they are having, someone who found out the fix would generally post how they fixed it with step-by-step instructions or a link to a video on how to do it and that they used to fix it. This is something that constantly happened throughout my last two years of study and will most definitely continue this year.


Team presentation:

With doing a team presentation all our data as a team had to line up so as to not have any inconsistencies among the slides. To do this we all needed communication not only so everyone clearly knows exactly what they need to do but also constant communication between everyone to ensure everything is on track and as it should be. When doing my part I came across standers I did not understand and asked around the team what they thought I should do to meet that standard.


Rock climbing:

When rock climbing outdoors it is absolutely essential for the climber and belayer to have good communication skills to ensure the safety of both individuals. If the communication is not there or even just not clear the climber can easily be at risk of a large fall till caught by the rope at the last clipped-in carabiner. An example of this is when me and some of my mates went outdoor climbing. One of my mates was belaying me and every time I got to a carabiner I asked him to let out some rope for me to easily clip into the carabiner and then let them know when I am clipped in. If this was not done and I had not asked for him to let out rope he would either have to assume to let out rope and if he was wrong and I fell, it would be 5x harder for him to catch me making it likely for injuries to occur. Otherwise, if he weren't to assume that then I could tug on the rope and fall off balance sending my falling at least double the distance from the last carabiner I clipped into down a rockface.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:


Eager to learn:

As I have not been staff for a pretty long time and am used to using ulx so I do believe I will have a bit to learn and I am very eager to do so. I have a vast knowledge of gmod and dark rp with almost 8k hours on gmod. With this vast knowledge I am able to help out many players who may be new to dark RP, the server, wiremod, and just about anything else but there is still a lot I do not know and would like to learn. In the time I have been on the server I have had other users show me a better and easier way of doing things such as growing weed and will pass that knowledge on to other players that may not know and may be struggling.



I believe I have very good communication skills because:


I tend to talk to people directly and be very clear with what I am saying to avoid unnecessary miscommunication.


I believe I am very good at knowing time and place in terms of when to be serious and when it is ok to joke around and just have fun as long as it is not at another's person's expense.


I am happy to explain my reasoning for my actions in depth if someone is unsure how I come to my conclusion.


I like to keep a flow of communication with my team and to also make sure everyone is kept up to date and everyone has the same information not using Chinese whispers.


All the above is me talking to others but I understand communication is also about receiving as well. I do believe I am very good at listening, taking in what they say and not trying to constantly interrupt others while they talk or try to explain themselves in certain situations.



I completely understand that trust and respect are earned and not just to be expected from others and I fully intend to gain both as I continue to play on the server. With this being said I can still view myself as being Trustworthy as I know my own experiences, and can not remember many if any situations where I have done something to tarnish and or lose anyone's trust towards me. I think this is due to me seeing trust as having very high value, meaning I very highly value trust so I will try my absolute best to not give anyone any reason not to trust me outside of joking around.



With playing on the server I can clearly see that some players require me to have more patience with them. This could be for many different reasons but nonetheless still require more patience. I believe I have patience as I do not get annoyed very easily so I can repeat myself multiple times and not care or reword what I am saying in a way I feel will help them better understand what I am trying to say.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:

Yes, I do fully understand that any and all power I have is to never be misused or abused.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:

Yes, I fully understand the consequences of misusing or abusing any and all given power.


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:

Yes, I do believe I know and understand all staff expectations and understand that if I am lucky enough to get this position all staff expectations will apply to me.




I understand being active on everything is required and my activity on discord is next to nothing and i am absolutely working on it but I do see it as being something that can easily be changed if given staff as it will give me more to add to conversations such as helping where I can. This is not at all to say that I'm not currently trying to be more active on forms and discord, I will still %100 be trying to see where I can have an input in conversations. As for being known in the community, I do believe I am relatively known as I have been doing a good amount of rp and being on the server around 10 - 14 hours a day as I have no life at the moment, though a lot of this time has been building. I really do enjoy being staff and dealing with sits and have always liked it.



thank you all for your feedback, I really do appreciate it and by no means take any of the feedback personally. I will definitely take any and all advice and try my best to act on it all. it seems I was right in thinking I may not be well-known enough. I will continue with what I have already said and continue trying to be more active on discord and forms and continue to be on at around my normal times of 1 till midnight. I would tho like to ask how I can try to be more known by the staff particularly as I feel like a fair amount of players know me but no staff do.

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Only reason why I am -1ing this application is just because you're only really on when no on else is, I do see you quite often however just because of the fact you're literally the only player on when I see you just doesn't give me enough confidence. You also have barely any forum activity and I haven't seen you in the discord.


If I see you interacting more with the community I'd be quite confident in changing my response.


Good luck man


- Osama

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Cozzah its a -1 from me, 0 warns 4 day play time is good but activity bro, please take no offence to this but my self and i can say many other staff and people of the community have no clue who you are, i do not believe i have a single conversation with you before and for that soul reason that you are poorly known in the community its a -1 from me

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Hey Cozzah Your Application is quite detailed although the problems that I have are that I've only seen you on the server I few times and haven't really had a encounter that i remember with also only just getting over the required time, I recommend going for trusted first ,get your forum activity up and get known within the community.

these are the reasons that unfortunately it has to be a -1


Good Luck Bro,

John Kevin

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Hey cozza hope your doing good so like the others have said your playtime is alright and you have no warns which is great.

But like the rest have said I dont really know you much man I have only had like 2 or 3 interactions with you which to me isn't enough to know a person like that. I believe before making an application you should get to know more people and try to contribute more in the community such as being active on the discord ect.


All up just try to be more known in the community there is many ways to be well known. But the fact you have 4 days with 0 warns is very good keep that up.

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Hey Cozzah so to be Harshly Honest with you as a look at the sort of person you are it shows me that with zero warns that is good and 4 days of playtime and not very known within the community, and you have zero notice within the PD side of Orbital Community as well, to me it appears like your from another community and just trying to be Staff as soon as possible

Ok lovely just try to create a better image for yourself, and be much more well known with both sides of the community

Best of Luck - Ruby Bartosh

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I'll like to start off why it's a -1 from me. I'll start out with the main problem. You are simply not known. I've seen you on the server however I've not talked to you. You have 4 days of playtime but I've only heard of you yesterday. Secondly is forum and discord activity. Since you posted this application you haven't improved very much. Still 3 three messages on the forums and only 7 messages on the discord.

Starting on things to improve on, activity. Activity needs an improvement since there hasn't being much improvement.

Community presence needs a huge improvement. As other members said get your name out there. That can be interacting with others on the discord or forums. Before going for staff you should get Trusted first as Trusted is a stepping stone for staff.

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While it is good that you meet the requirements, I feel it is a little too early for you to be applying for a staff position.

It is always good to have a clean slate when applying for the staff position as it shows if a player is understanding and willing to follow the rules. Your staff application is also well written and thought out to appeal to players who aren't very familiar with who you are.

My concerns are, as others have pointed out, how the community doesn't really know who you are and you have extremely low activity on the forums and Orbital discord.


I can see that you're eager and willing to help out the server, but my advice would be to wait a month, get to know the community and reflect on the feedback from the community.

Most importantly, start getting to know other members through RP interactions in-game, server or PD events and by posting more in the Orbital discord and here on the forums.


Good luck (y)

Mason Evergreen

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My first issue is a common one other staff members also have with your application.


Who are you? I do NOT know who you are.


I have seen you on the server maybe once or twice, and although you have no warns and the bare minimum playtime I still do not know who you are so I cannot say if you would be a good staff member or even a bad one at that because I have no information about you. Your forum activity is poor and I haven't seen you in the discord.


Better luck next time



Fetus Milkshake

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Thank you for writing such a thorough application! It's great to see you're enthusiastic for the position. Unfortunately, as the other comments have mentioned, you fail to meet one of the minimum criteria of applying for staff being "You must be well known within the community.".


Please increase your renown in the server as it will also give others a clue as to how you act in stressful situations, how you enjoy RPing and other aspects like these. The activity required to become and stay staff is quite high compared to normal players and it would be encouraging to see you be around and involved more in daily RP :)

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Due to Poor Community Feedback.

Amazing detail in your application, however simply not many people know of you in the community. I recommend working on your community presence. Once you do that, you will have a great shot of being accepted for staff!

You may apply again in 2 weeks.

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