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Original name was DarkShadow on supremacy bc I was a corny mf, always played with these people back on SUP that lived in NZ and used to say DerkShadow instead of dark bc of their accent. From then I just took away the shadow because I thought it was cringe and there you go my name 😔
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My name is from a Rust server. I attempted to make the most disgusting and horrific name possible to piss off the admins on the server (it was Rustralasia if you were wondering). My name was Aborted Fetus Milkshake and it was successful at annoying admins as I was kicked from the server and told to "Change your name and RESTART RUST" on many occassions. My name is Fetus Milkshake on this server as I could not fit Aborted Fetus Milkshake into the 26 character limit requirement for DarkRP names on Orbital. Edited by Fetus Milkshake
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i was 14 and went thru a soviet phase, i had just gotten my first pc and had to think of a steam name, so i chose sovietseagull (i did not know who sovietwomble was at the time) then as i matured i realised soviet was cringe and so i shortened it to just seagull



also seagull is already used on the forums i think by another acc of mine so thats why im still soviet here

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