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Kristen Walderons ban appeal

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Kristen Walderon


This Ban happened on 7/1/2023 12:32


The staff member was Jack Stone| STEAM_0:1:105340300


I died during the raid, I did disconnect but when I got back on my ban was for two days and its only supposed to be one I think. All I want is for my ban to go down a day.


I was Banned For Two Days For FailRP.


I have become very familiar with the rules now.

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Afternoon Kristen,

After talking to those who were attempting to raid you, and as an eye witness to the incident myself, I have come to the conclusion that what occured was you leaving to avoid being raided, either rage quitting or what not, I'm not aware, however it still breaks the roleplay of the raid happening, resulting in a warning of FailRP. Not only do you have 3 other FailRP warnings recently, being within the past 3 days, but you also have a significant record of FailRP incidents in the past month (just reaching past the recent warns time).


Additionally, within a recent sit with you just one day before this incident took place, you clearly showed no care towards your weapons blacklist and thought it was funny, showing no remorse or care for the rules, proving that what you have said in this request, that you "have become very familiar with the rules" is an utter lie.


Given my justification above, which has been shortened and could contain even more negatives, I believe this ban is extremely justified, despite my ability to have extended the ban even longer to 3 days, however I chose not to since it is the holidays and I was being generous.


Given your recent warns and lack of care for the rules, I believe this ban is extremely justified and should remain unchanged.


Thanks, Jack Stone

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