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How much money should a job in game make you

Fetus Milkshake

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as it stands being rich means fuck all no body does anything risky anymore they just sit in their base and make weed or meth and it makes them millions frankly its become super dull much like what mike said 100k to 150k is reasonable and gives reason to do things like buy printers or rob the bank for that 100k
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Obviously everything else has to move with it. If the highest paying jobs such as Glorified Gardener is nerfed back down to 100-200k per hour, printer costs, gun costs etc. kinda have to move with it. There's no point in nerfing all the best payings jobs so that guns and cases become obsolete


I agree with Osama though, I think a 200k max per hour would be good, but highest paying jobs should be the ones where you don't just sit in a base and AFK half the time

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I honestly think that glorified garden should have some more limitations added to it, yesterday I made 7 million in 1.5 hours since there is not much limitation on the amount of auto pots you can have. definitely needs to be nerfed
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