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Warn Appeal

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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/)




In-game name:duckers


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 18/12/22 ~17:00 AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Fetus Milkshake


Further details:

I was attempting to kidnap a probational constable, failed, had no weapons on me at the time so they instantly resorted to lethal force so i ran into spawn to avoid being RDMd because what he was now doing was was no longer roleplay, as he was banned for FailRP. Therefore i think it is unjustified, as i was not avoiding any roleplay situation, since they had failed roleplay, and attempted to RDM.


Any evidence you can provide:

i do not have any videos or clips recorded


Have you become familiar with the rules?


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Hey man. You were trying to run away from him when he was trying to kill you as a cop for kidnapping him. The kill attempt on you was valid HOWEVER he did not follow the rules of engagement when it comes to the police guidelines on the server(see below).





You both did something wrong as you were attempting to avoid an RP situation by running into spawn and he resorted to lethal as a police officer instead of a non-lethal response. He can kill you in that situation, however, he will be (and was) warned for FailRP for resorting to lethal although a kill on you was valid in normal circumstances (He was warned for FailRP and was a repeat offender so I banned him lol). He was wrong to attempt to kill you as a cop as he was not in danger, however, he was in the right to kill you otherwise. It explicitly states in the rules that you cannot run into spawn to avoid an RP situation.


I will admit your warn is in the gray area a bit and I would be okay with having it removed by another staff member if they disagree with my above statement.

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Both party's were in the wrong however I feel both party's could have walked away with no warns due to the situation.

The Probational Constable couldn't do much due to not being trained and having no taser.

You ran into spawn. However instead of risking the warn, try and RP the situation out, once done call an admin.

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