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Top C WP blacklist Appeal


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Your SteamID : STEAM_0:1:458494286


In-game name: Top C


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 2:30 NZT


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Derk


Further details: got a 48hr WP blacklist for rdm from Donald Smith even though I did not know I can't kill people breaking NLR and I feel that for this I should only be getting a warn, as I did not know the rules regarding this, But Derk and Donald Smith felt that I needed really harsh punishment just after i have weapon access back.


Any evidence you can provide: can be provided of needed


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I have realised that I am not able to kill players breaking nlr under certain conditions. I do hope you can understand where I am coming from here.

Thanks, Top C

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Hey Top C so I gave you a weapon blacklist for RDMing Donald Smith 3 times which falls into the category of AMRDM. Your reasoning for killing him was because he was returning the the same area (NLR). But Donald wasn't doing anything for you to have a reason to kill you he was just return to the same specific area which was not really a good enough reason for you to just kill him over and over. I did warn him for NLR of course, keep in mind you were not raiding him. If you were raiding him and he came back and was interfering with your raid that would had been a valid reasoning to kill him. But you weren't, I told you in the sit that instead of taking care of the situation yourself by killing him you should had reported it and let an admin take care of the situation instead of taking it into your own hands by killing him. Just because a person is breaking a rules doesn't mean you can also break one.

I gave you a AMRDM warn and a 48 WBL because you had a previous ban for the same reason. But your last MRDM/AMRDM warn/ban was around 9 months ago therefor I was less harsher and just gave you a 48 WBL. I also checked with a higher up just to confirm the punishment.

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I can understand both sides here. But as Derk said, don't take it into your own hands and call an admin next time.

But due to the situation I think 48Hrs is too harsh.

I think removing the blacklist and lowering it to a RDM warn is fair, as both of you were in the wrong

But for next time make sure to call an admin.

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