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Top C ban appeal


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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:458494286



In-game name: Top C


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 1 am AEST ,(estimate)


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Mr Osama


Further details:

I understand that my actions were in violation of the rules, and I apologize for any harm/inconvenience that I may have caused. I would like to explain that the behavior that led to my ban was not reflective of my who I am, I got carried away in the moment, I understand that this is no excuse for my actions, but I hope that you will consider giving me a second chance. I promise to be more mindful of my actions in the future, and to abide by the community guidelines. I will do my best to contribute positively to the server, and to make amends for my past mistakes. Thank you for considering my appeal.


Any evidence you can provide: Any needed can be provided upon request.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: My ban has made me realize that my actions affect others more than I thought, I will use this as an opportunity to familiarise myself with the rules, and I hope I can rejoin the server as a better person for the server.

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While I'd like to say that you have broken the rules on multiple occasions, for the MOST part you have shown me respect throughout sits and I believe that despite the amount of warns and leverage ive given you, I think looking past this warn could be considered.


I understand that your leaving was in the heat of the moment which I do get myself

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We understand you made some mistakes, sometimes it happens. We issue punishment so that people learn from their mistakes, you have admitted your wrongs but there isn't much we can do considering the actions you took resulted in punishment, you may return tomorrow when unbanned.


The Warning and Ban will Remain


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