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Nick's Warns Appeal


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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465


In-game name: Nick


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: You will see


Further details: The warns in question I want to appeal today are:


Originally I was only going to appeal the top 4 but as I looked at my warns I realised that a few others were also sus.


- Mersman "r dmed" (24/05/2022)

- Pharam "Prop Abuse (Moderate) | BL Props 12h" (20/07/2022)

- fisckii "FailRP (Destroying Job Entitiesas a non-robber)

- Mersman "Stealing during transaction" (26/07/2022)

- Joe Pesci "Racism 12hr BL" (10/09/21)

- Combat Wombat "FailRP (raiding with bloods)


Starting with mersmans "r dmed"

This warn is clearly taking the piss and I have nothing else to add to that.


2. Pharams warn for prop abuse was due to be spawning a singular table about 3 times in the same spot. Not deserving of a warn. The prop to my recollection was being spawned in front of angels base and this upset her, leading to her annoying the staff team to the point of warning me (from what I have heard). I do not believe such miniscule actions should have led to a warn.


3. Fisckii's warn for failrp comes from me having a jihad and allah ackbaring somewhere near angels base, this cause a small amount of angels entities to be destroyed but I mean, it was a complete accident and I wouldn't have activated the jihad if I knew it was going to destroy her entities. This warn could also refer to me breaking 1 of angels entities with a crowbar which I had apologised to her for as I didn't know I could break that specific type of entity. (Nightclub speaker which you can't break anymore)


4. Mersman warned me for stealing during transaction. This however never happened. There was a new player trying to insert money into someones gambling machine, he did not know where to put the money so I grav gunned his money and put it into the machine for him to which he THANKED ME for it. Less than 10 minutes later I get pulled into a sit for stealing his money and mersman claimed he had evidence of me stealing his money. I later found out the reason I got warned was due to the fact I grav gunned his money into pot and he lost because it was a gambling machine. Somehow helping another player got me a warn. This is the warn that led me to start not liking the server and then joined with cheats out of carelessness but I am back now and am no longer upset at server!!!


5. From memory. I was playing a song through my mic that contained the gamer word. This got my a 12hr VC BL and a warn. I personally don't think that is rewarding of a warn as I didn't say it myself or try and offend anyone who may have heard it.


6. Combat warned me for raiding with bloods. I was not. There were a group of bloods raiding the PD and I was in the PD with a gun out standing around them. I did not kill anyone, I don't believe I even shot a bullet. I did not go past the lobby of the PD and was in no way protecting the bloods. I believe I made a appeal about this specific warn in the past but it did not get accepted unfortunately, even though in the video that was provided you can clearly see me just hanging around.


I would also like the exploiting warns removed just because It reflects badly on my character and I would not do it again. I do not have a valid reason for the removal of these warns as I was genuinely exploiting.



Thank you for reading my ted talk and if I missed something lmk.


Any evidence you can provide: No, this was ages ago but I gave an accurate count of events.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes




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Unfortunately, you should have appealed these warnings at the time of the warning, rather than months later.


Some of the staff that have warned you are no longer staff, so they wouldn't be able to have any input, along with the lack of evidence on both sides of the story.


however, these warns wouldn't effect any future trusted or staff applications going forward. You're actions now speak louder than your past.



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