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GolTAW's Re-Staff Application V2


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  • You must be 15 and over to apply.
  • Your total game time must be 4 days and over.
  • You must be well known within the community.
  • You must be well informed with all of our rules.
  • You must NOT advertise your application.

I was told I was allowed to re-apply 2 weeks after my demotion by the staff manager.. It's been longer but putting this here as a note.




Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198136113627


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87923949


Discord User#: GolTAW#1357


RP Name: GolTAW


Age: 15+


Country/Time Zone: New Zealand Time


Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes, and I will use it more this time to not repeat my mistakes.


What is your game time? (Post a screenshot):




How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot): None




How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot): None (Refer to the above)


Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples): Here is my main experinces in staffing, the rank listed as the highest rank.


  • Monumental Gaming: 1 year (Admin, highest rank you could achieve before managment)
  • Slipway Servers (Merged from Monumental Gaming: 1 Month (Shutdown, Moderator (Resigned for a bit from MGAU before it's shutdown)
  • Divine Gaming: 1 Month (Admin, Shutdown)
  • Supremacy Network: About 6 months (Head Admin, Shutdown/Resigned)
  • IconicRP: About a few months (Admin, Cannot remember what really happened, whether it was demtoed from drama or if I resigned)
  • The Australian Underground: A month (Mod)
  • Orbital Servers: Trial Mod (Demoted)



Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:

I'll start this off by mentioning my previous demotion.


I deeply regret and apologize to those who may of been impacted from my actions during that time. While I have been able to finally convince some management I wasn't the leaker, my actions for how I may of treated some players were not acceptable. I did not mean to intend to be toxic to anyone and I understand now after reflecting and reviewing on my actions how it was looked at as bad. I vow that, if re-accepted into the team, I will treat players equally and not be ego as I know I was when I first got it back a month or so ago. I have learnt from my mistakes and again, apologize to anyone I may of seemed toxic to. I will not do this again.


I look to redeem and prove myself that I can learn from my mistakes and become a better person for the community and make orbital a more fair and better place to be apart of. I know I didn't follow expectations, and when Is aid this in game, I was more referring to the punishment guidelines because I did not want to read it when I knew I will need to keep referring back to it. None of my sits except one required me to read the guidelines (AKA an RDM), but I have learnt that I do not know everything and will read and adapt/accept my mistakes I made in the past to the management, staff and most importantly the community as a whole.


I know some of you may see my "Staff report" as me being immature about it, and I have to agree. But at the time it was during the heat on the moment, and while I can now accept my behavior to some players and how I handled a sit was unacceptable, I still know I wasn't the one who leaked what was accused, which I was finally able to gather evidence to show management which accept it's not a he said/she said situation, which I give my gratitude to Tuppy for accepting that.


Finally, I also want to ask the community to give me a second chance to show my true side, that i am not an intended asshole/ego to people and to redeem/prove myself I can be a great staff as well as adhering to Orbital Servers guidelines. I vow that if I get, I will be different to how I was during my original trial period, making sure everyone has a fair sit and not cut sits when I feel it has been enough and instead listen to the entire story and make great judgements that benefits all players as well as the staff expectations.


The rest of this question is a copy and paste from my application, but I have made changes so it shows I am not trying to be lazy.


Having over 9000 hours in the game,. I have accounted YEARS of collective staffing experience. I know exactly what it takes to be a staff member, the pressure and the repetition that is brings, but I have always loved that challenge in looking into issues to provide a solid outcome for both parties, as well as protecting the servers integrity. I know how to work with players, both normal and challenging and generally have showmen great results. I also now know that Orbital/Iconic back then is not the same as now and staff expectations have changed, and I will thoroughly this time read and adapt so that I can have a positive impact on the server, not the negative one I nearly left behind because that is not who I am as a person.


I know that if given the role, I will put the work and hours into it, assisting players as well as other places I can be. I will strive to help everyone both old and new and be a fair, non-power hungry person that I personally believe a staff member should be. I work well with others and don't like to think I am top dog which can be a great asset to the team.


Finally, my mindset is great in this sort of thing, taking all things into account. Ironically this brings in my massive weakness which is to sometimes overthink things, but this can also be a strength as I can find things that others may not of noticed. I enjoy challenges and learning new things, and hope to aspire to the management position so I can finally unlock my true protentional.



Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):

Teamwork is generally the one thing I excel at. Using my commander as reference, I know how to work well with others. I believe that staffing in particular is NOT a one man job, and will require the help of others people to get it done. I love to take feedback into account both positive and negative so I can improve myself. I work along well with others in my PD section of the server being a commander. Therefore, i have to work with others well and take ALL inputs into account to have a positive outcome.




What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:

I will, like all my applications, list my qualities I will bring.



I am an extremely fair person. I tend and strive to remove bias form my works and provide a fair presence and communication to both parties involved. I do not take sides unless the evidence is over-whelming, and always aim to help everyone by listening to them, and finding a fair outcome while trying to remove the administrative side of things.



Already explained this above so I'll keep it there. ;)


Ability to adapt/accept mistakes:

I now know the responsibility's of being a staff member, and I have taken back all feedback on my mistakes from the way I was being as a staff member. I will this time read thoroughly through the guidelines instead of thinking I know everything because I don't, I was just being ego back then but fully accept the mistake.



I always pride myself to not be hostile to anyone for no reason. I know half my demotion reason was because how I was treating players, and again I apologize for this. I will use my microphone much more often now to show I am not a bad person and not be as sarcastic as I normally would in turn in Garry's Mod.



I know and still stand by that I will be dedicated to the role, given that I was going for quotas when I was previously staff and I still enjoy helping players with their problems and resolving conflicts, this time the right way and not my way. I will still continue to be dedicated to the role and hope that the management team can give me another chance for staff to prove and redeem myself.


I know I may of been a bit inactive, but I was just letting myself cool down and accepting my mistakes instead of returning and causing a bigger mess straight away, but I have been more active this week and will continue to show it.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?: I agree not to misuse the powers


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: I agree I will be demoted/stripped if I misuse my powers


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?: I agree to follow the Staff Expectations when given to me. I didn't last time because I thought I was fine, but I have learnt from that.


Thank you for reading and I hope I can be given a second chance to provide and redeem myself :)




Apologises for any bold font formating problems, forums hates me :p

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Unfortunately TAW, your reputation has been serverly tarnished and as a result of your actions you must face the consequences. I cannot be confident in supporting you joining the staff team when you had burnt us as a whole. The funny thing about it though is that through perserverace and time, you can begin to repair what trust was broken initially and form stronger bonds with the team and community as a whole, however this process takes more than just a couple of weeks. I'd personally like to see proof of your changes and unfortunately you have been a little inactive on the server, and for that I can't confirm, or deny that these are indeed the changes you have made. Therefore I can only base what has happened off your previous experience.


Perhaps proving to us all, as a community, that the situation that unfolded would never happen again, would enstill the trust and respect that would be required of holding a position in the staff team. However as it stands I cannot vouch for your character development and that's why I will be giving you a -1


I hope you can understand from my point of view, and I really do wish you all the best regardless of the outcome. Nothing against you personally, however I can't justify a positive review after what has unfolded previously.

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Everything I'm about to mention is purely related to your staffing abilities. I still think you're a great person to be around and I have no issues with your personality itself.

I can understand if you have made mistakes that you regret. Showing the commitment to improve upon it and to work on creating a better view for yourself after a mistake is what every staff member should do. I just think it's too soon.

As Mike mentioned, you took a break after your demotion and I haven't seen you online until these last 24 hours, right before your application was posted.


I also don't trust that you have learned a lesson regarding the staff guidelines that were broken. Your application still suggests to me that you are still in denial about some of the things you have done wrong, regardless of what I have personally seen you do. I won't discuss too much with you on the forums, but I'm happy to speak with you in DMs about what happened and what you could improve on for next time.


All-in-all, I wish you the best of luck with your application, however, as much as I wish I could, I just can't confidently endorse you for the role again as of right now.

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Although I have no issue with you GOL you were demoted for a pretty serious reason and I don't believe I've seen you even attempt to come back to the server in those weeks you were gone. You are apologetic and while that is good it's not enough for me to trust you and I'm sure the other staff members feel similarly. Much like Arpo says it's just too soon to reapply for staff take some time off and prove to the staff team you can be trusted and you won't make the same mistake, spend more time in game talking to people and getting to know the staff better


Cheers and Good luck

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Goltaw like others have said you have ruined your reputation within the staff not for ever but what you don cant just be brushed under the rug. Ever since you have been demoted I've only seen you on the server a couple of times weather you have lost hope for the server or if you only want to play for staff idk but i feel like you should be more active again.

But there is also the good side 0 warns 2 weeks playtime, pretty good activity and a pretty decent application.

but unfortunately its a -1

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TAW, I love you man, but it's too early to be replying. You were demoted for serious stuff and you should really give it more time. Breaking the trust you had with management and other staff members.

It isn't the end as you still have a position within the command team. Show you can be trusted again and continue to be active.

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I took quite a bit of thought into this, reading through your whole staff report and trying to look into depth on why you were demoted in the first place. Here's my opinion on why you shouldn't reapply for a long time;

You were on a Trial period for maybe 5 days in which you made many mistakes. This is not a good look as someone who states that they have immense experience. A lot of the mistakes you made were (or seemed to be) something of common sense that even a person without your experience shouldn't mess up on. So it makes me question the intentions you had.


I understand that maybe some things you said in the past may have not been made with ill intentions in mind. I understand that people can change. But it is too soon to be making that change. I don't believe you have improved in the small 3 weeks you have been gone. The fact that you have already reapplied in such a short time to me is proof that you don't yet understand what it is to change your mindset. You don't need the staff rank and powers to prove that you can treat players correctly and you don't need the staff rank to prove that you can be trusted again.


Personally, I don't know your character or who you are. I only know evidence and what others have said about you. From this alone, I am quite certain that if you are given the chance again in such a short period of time, you will repeat those mistakes. I could be wrong, but it is too soon to know and to take that chance.


Some advice to show management you can be trusted again;

- Take the time needed to grow.

- Even if you don't agree on the reason you were demoted in the first place, reflect on it and think about what needs to be changed.

- Have a kinder and more fair attitude towards player base.

- Growth Mindset


You don't seem like a bad person, but you do need to show that you have and want to improve for your rank back.




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Hey Taw,


Its gonna be a -1 from me,


Literally it has nothing to do with you as a person but mainly the fact that you have applied to early, you were demoted for a very serious reason even tho you dont agree with that reason none the less I believe for it to be true. You havent been active to much, I see that you havent been on as much as you used to be, but i understand the reasoning due to the fact you were trying to calm down from the situation. You did agree to the fact that if you misuse your powers they will be striped, and the fact you did explains the reason why. You also have broken the trust of the staff team by abusing these powers and is really making it hard for our team to trust you again with such roles.


Now to move on to the positive, you are extremely active within the discord, which shows me you still care about the server after the fact that most players in your sitaution would of left after being demoted, you are still a command member and havent resigned aswell, which also tells me you still care about the community and the experience putting out to the players of the server. You are a very known player as well, also that is a big deal regarding players reappling for such positon


I honestly reckon you need to take a while really show that you want to be apart of our team again, by consistently staying active within all branches of our community and really making it known that you want to still be apart within our entire community. I think with enough time and effort I truly believe that you can become a staff member again, just too early as of right now.


best of luck, really put your heart and soul towards the server and no doubt you will be given another chance


Kind Regards,

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