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(Warn) Appeal for NLR

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Your SteamID:


In-game name:

Ashl Smucker


Time and date of warn:

GMT+11 5:07am


Name of the Staff Member that warned you:

Fetus Milkshake

Further details:

I got raided and killed, I came back when the raid said it had stopped only to realise that there was another person in my base who must've raided me at the same time which I then died to (only one text that says "your base is being raided" appeared, not two, so I assumed it was over when it said it was).

I did not attempt to kill anyone and came back after waiting 5 minutes because I understand what NLR is and I wasn't trying to get myself a warning. I had no valuables inside or outside of the base and was in the middle of building said base.


Any evidence you can provide:

I can provide evidence of the raid saying it had stopped before I came back, and can also show that I did put a "building" sign up after the first raid had ended. (Ashl Smucker on the discord server, can stream the clip)


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

I was already familiar with the rules and have since re-read them to make sure that I was not in the wrong, I do not believe I broke NLR hence my appeal.

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The person I pointed out at the start was the one who raided and killed me initiating NLR, I was lingering around spawn entrance before the message popped up then went back after I saw it ended. I explored my base to find another person inside of it who participated in the first raid and turned out he still had a raid that was ongoing during the first one (I say "during the first" because there was no message in chat saying I was being raided AFTER the previous one had ended). Me dying to Bock was also the NLR claim I got reported for.

I didn't go back straight away, I lingered around spawn talking with a person until I got the message that the raid ended.


(I also had a "building" sign up during this clip)




I forgot to add this but here is proof I had a building sign:


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Hi Ashl. All times mentioned in the below paragraph are AEST (Queensland) times.




You were warned for NLR because you returned to a raid after you had died in that raid. At the start of the raid, there was no building sign on your base. It was a complex situation involving three separate raiders. Our logs show that you were raided by Bock Lee (SteamID STEAM_0:0:91568426), Margarit Demilt (SteamID STEAM_0:0:585617430), and Symes (SteamID STEAM_0:1:219084295). These raid starting timers were all within two seconds of each other with the latest starting at 3:52:56am. At 3:53:05am (9 seconds later) you were killed for the first time in the raid by Bock Lee. It is reasonable to believe that since you were basing in the large apartment building near the event area it would take a long time to search the base for valuables so the raiders stayed in the building to do just that. You returned to the base sometime before 3:57:08am. The time difference between your first and second deaths is roughly four minutes, but in no way longer than five minutes. At this mentioned time logs show you were killed for the second time at your base before the 5-minute NLR period expired, therefore you were breaking NLR. You had also not waited for the raiders to leave your base before entering again. To quote the server rules regarding this “If you die defending a base during a raid, you cannot return or be near the base until the raiding party has finished and left” (Orbital Servers Rules, 2022). This was before 4:00:21am when you placed down your sign saying “BUILDING” on your base. If I recall that night correctly (it was two days ago) I was the only staff member online with a surprisingly high number of people online and was busy dealing with other tickets before I was able to get to the ticket involving this incident.


TLDR: Your NLR warn was valid as you committed NLR by returning to the base in which you were killed when raiders were still inside. Additionally, the minimum time period of five minutes for NLR to expire had not occurred. The clips shown by you are irrelevant to your warn as you had committed NLR before this.



Sincerely, Fetus Milkshake.

Edited by Fetus Milkshake
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As Fetus has shown in his response, you died at 3:53am AEDT then you returned to the same location at 3:57am AEDT. This has shown that you failed to wait the 5 minutes you are supposed to. In your response you said you had waited the 5 minutes, since you didn't you broke the rule of NLR. Even though it said that the raid was over you still should have waited.


The warn will remain.

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