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Update 1/12/22


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  • Leadership Team

[HEADING=2]Forums Updates[/HEADING]

  • Stats Page which can be accessed from the navbar
  • Money Leaderboard can be viewed online.
  • Hours Leaderboard can be viewed online.
  • Arrest Leaderboard can be viewed online.
  • Bans can be viewed online.
  • Christmas theme added.
  • Supporter role added (Make a discord ticket to claim your role).


  • Coming restart will have Wire Image Screens added
  • Advent calendar has been added in game which includes rewards such as DarkRP money, credits, VIP, cases, hats and skins, type /advent in-game!
  • You can now add someone to all of your doors at once
  • Arrest and Hours leaderboard added near spawn.
  • Luger now removed from Metal Detector blacklist.
  • Your poop colour changes based on your playtime now, 3 weeks = silver, 6 weeks = gold.
  • Having a warrant now shows up on your hud
  • Prostitute can have sex again (/sex while looking at someone, they have to consent by either clicking yes or no)
  • Cooldown for /sex command added
  • Added /gm command, use it while looking at a prop to see what the model of said prop is
  • Jihad Bomb has new sounds when going to blow up
  • Fixed Nightclub Builder SWEP however to change weapon you will need to press 1,2,3 or 4 instead of scrolling
  • Added /stats command to get to the stats page

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