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Add looc Local ooc Chat Also Add ether a radio or Tvs for Donators with Rules ect!

Los Pollos Hermanos

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Local ooc is cool because you can talk to a group of people next to you in ooc chat instead of it going to everyone especially if your building or doing anything ooc related its not hard to be implemented.


(Radios or Tvs) a Tv could be used by staff in certain events big screen. and or a small tv for a large amount of credits or something. for Donator wouldn't just bring in more players it would bring in more donations for the server I understand that's why there's night club manager but its different because it could be used within the rules.


For Instance a Rule that says you may not use a Radio or Tv on the streets and you're not allowed to play earrape or racist thing's over it and you may not profit or run any sort of venue that has anything to do with your Radio/Tv and you may not have your radio near another Radio/tv or a Nightclub manager which should be easy to avoid considering its a big map and only two slots for nightclub manager this idea could entice new players and old players into joining staying or even playing more often.


Its not massive but little things can make a big difference on the server Small changes not big.

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I agree with the idea of a radio/tv but the only thing i disagree on is the possible rule of "you may not profit or run any sort of venue that has anything to do with your Radio/Tv" because one can use it possibly in a store as a piece of decoration or something along thoes lines, unless your trying to say a venue directed at a tv then i agree with that

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