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My Goodbye. For good.


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It's been a hell of a run here at Orbital. From the end of supremacy to the start of iconic.. The start of something big, I've had so many good times. The friends I've made, the people I've met and the experiences I've had will stick with me for a long time. This server has always been more than just an average DarkRP server for me. It's a place for me to play with friends and to escape the outside world. It's a place to wind down peacefully (most of the time at least). The friends I've made in my time playing DarkRP have come and gone. Many who were once friends have shown their true side and unfortunately turned away from me which I can understand. To the few that have stayed with me all these years I have immense love and respect for you all. You in particular Jin. You've been with me from near Day 1 and we've come so far together. Done so much. Unfortunately there comes a time when I am no longer capable of spending my time on something that is not benefiting me. I am moving on in life to another road which does not allow for spending time on things that aren't beneficial. It saddens me to the core to have to announce this as I know this will let so many people down who had hope in me. I'm sorry. I have been planning my departure for some time although I did not plan for it to occur this early. I do hope the legacy I leave behind is one of enjoyment and laughter. I leave here with no grudges against anyone. If you wish to contact me and talk please do as I would love my parting to conclude on a good note with everyone no matter the past. The community here is so positive and interesting. Everyone is unique in their own ways and that's part of what makes orbital such a successful server. This success will only increase and I'm sure glitch, ricky and keenu will continue their dedication to the server and continue to improve the server. This community is lucky to have such hands on, experienced and engaging developers who only want the best for the server. The staff team are also knowledgeable and have an undying dedication to the server and community. I've come a long way from my beginnings. From a minge to.. well... less of a minge. I intended to leave this server with a good image however it may have been tarnished due to past events but I leave hoping those that care see the positives over the negatives. As for my RPG, Jin will be receiving it due to the fact that him and I have been partners in minge since Day 1 and I trust him with my baby. I hope to come back one day once I've gotten to where I want to be at this point in life. It has been a pleasure playing with you all. Every single on of you. I wish you all luck in your future endeavours and remind you to never give up no matter what. Stay strong and get to where you want to be in life no matter the odds. Anything is possible if you want it to be.


Thanks again for everything, everyone, and goodluck.


- Devo



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