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Discord Ban Appeal


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Your Discord: toby#0450


Discord ID: 918025211977273374


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): Don't recall


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Pharam


Further details: Don't even recall what I did was a while ago just forgot about it till now


Any evidence you can provide: Nah


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yeah

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// Denied


I banned you after many warnings to stop breaking server rules, I warned you that you would be banned if you kept up your idiotic behaviour yet you continued pushing to see what you could get away with so I banned you.


Let me list a few infractions:


- In the past you have had your friends join with racist names, these names include:

"DWIT Jiggabooner"

"DWIT Nigoner"

"DWIT BoongOner"

"DWIT Coononer"


- You have posted a gif of somebody being shot and killed by police.


- You have said many racist remarks in the general chat.


With that all said you are an idiot and many people can agree that the discord is a better place without you!


You will not be unbanned.

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