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ZomZie's Commissioner Application


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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151105681


Age: 15


Discord User#: ZomZie#6705


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): 1667990635720.thumb.png.36c2fcbf7db791ebe51cac31bd93f386.png


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot): 1667990691676.thumb.png.51a764aba70f901eef66bd78822d169f.png


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot): Currently have 1 BL and 1 Softban from a year ago when I was being stupid on the server. (exploit was something stupid not breaking the server or nothin)


What is your current Police rank?: Chief Superintendent


What is your current SWAT rank?: Command Sergeant Major


What is your current Detective rank?: Detective Chief Superintendent


What are your other ranks? (Sniper, Medic, etc.): Sniper: CSM, Medic: CSM, Jug: Corporal.




Why do you believe that you should be a Commissioner/Commander/Dt-CO?:

I understand that some of you may be concerned as I just recently returned. However, I have received recommendations about going for 2ic, so I believed that I should just go and apply for Commissioner instead. I believe that I should become a commissioner and part of the command team due to the following reasons:


Firstly, I have a very decent amount of experience within the Government Jobs. I have evidence to back up this claim as I was the first SWAT-HC back on Iconic. While HC at the time weren't really valued as much as they are today, I was still putting in effort where I could. I have still continued to retain my knowledge from the past, both as HC and non-HC so therefore I believe my experiences will be a valuable asset to the Orbital Servers Government Command Team.


Secondly, I have seen and understood that the PD has changed quite drastically since the last time I was there, but I have been able to adapt to the new rules and regulations of being an officer and intend to keep it that way. I have to thank older and newer players for showing me the ropes in this sector.


Finally, my activeness. I know I went off the grid recently but this was due to internet wifi problems out of my control. HOWEVER, I have remained being active within the Government PD discord, having fun with others and chipping in on ideas that I believe I should.


So in conclusion, these are the reasons why I believe that I should become a commissioner in the Government Command Team.


Explain what you would be giving to the community, once received this role:

I believe that I will bring two main things to the Police Department: Experience and Activity.


As I have said in my application above, I have quite a good amount of experience and I play on the server for at least a couple hours every day. I believe that these two things can make me quite a good candidate for Commissioner. I also plan on doing at least an event every week, primarily trying to make it fun as well as a training if needed for both divisions. I see plenty of probational constables around lately, and while the current commissioners are active enough to take care of them, I believe my help will ease the workload for them. I aim to be a fun and easy going commissioner but also mature where needed. I want to help those who need it or seek it out, to help them become better officers and also help resolve any conflict that may arise.


What are some qualities that make you stand out from other Police Officers?:

The one thing that makes me stand out from most of the other officers is definitely the amount of experience I have, which I have referenced quite a lot in my application but I do believe it is important. Some other qualities I have that fit a commissioner are the following;


Mature: I find myself to be a fun but mature person where needed. I am not someone who like to beat down on people if they screw up, instead help them realize their mistakes and improve themselves. My funny attitude can bring a unique look to the PD where I can make officers feel like PD is a serious and positive place to be in.


Friendly: I am extremely friendly toe everyone and I tend to get along with a lot of people. As I state above, I tend to look and create positive relationships with others to benefit everything above all else.


Positive Mindset: A quite important one if you ask me. My mindset is generally positive, allowing me to give a postiive outcome to most things and not cause dramas or issues. It allows me to think more clearly which is a benefit to all.


Dedicated: I am someone who can be dedicated to anything and I enjoy the challenge. I understand that commissioner work is repetitive but I want to prove myself that I can be dedicated to fulfill the quotas and make PD a better place for all.


Humor: Because I am just that funny.




Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?: Yes


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes


Do you agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?: Yes

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Still has a bit more activity work to work on, but I can confidently say that he will imrpove and become a great leader as he progesses.


It's a big shame that I never got to see ZomZie at his full potnetional becuase HC was so restricted back then, but the stuff he did I know he will do great as a commissioner.


Good luck bud!

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Can we ban this guy already? Like seriously.... Can we?



As a police officer, I know and understand it may be a lot to step up, but I can see you showing leadership and being a rolemodel for the team despite only recently returning back to the server.

Your application is well written out with a lot of details as to why you deserve the role and you have a lot of past experience which shows that you understand the importance of a commander for the cops.


Good luck


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I'm sorry zomzie, I'm impressed with your 1 week play time and PD stuff but i don't believe you should get a +1.

You have recently started playing again within the last 5 weeks and i feel that it is still to early for you to go as comm, I understand that you friends TAW and James have gotten commander and comm but i guess that's just how it is.

Nothing against you but i just feel that group of people, Goltaw, James, and you are trying to shove your way back into the community after being gone so long.

So i am sorry but it will be a -1 from me

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You're kinda a trustworthy guy, since you were the 1st SWAT High Command i think? Sometimes I trust people who were a high command. I like joking around with you. I feel comfortable talking with you (even though we didn't know each other that much) but anyways. Good luck my dude!

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-1, you mention how recently you've returned to the server and for that is a massive concern. As you've said PD as a whole has changed significantly (almost to a point where a lot of previous information is essentially useless now). I feel as if coming back so soon and reapplying quickly cannot give a promising outlook over your position within PD, especially when new player soley rely on your advice, wisdom and trust. I would recommend potentially proving your knowledge by training newer PD members, and potentially using 2IC as a stepping stone towards becoming a Comissioner, that way you uphold the values in which must be instilled within a comissioner, just without the commitment.


Other than that, I can't fault your application. It is well written and well formatted, and I'd like to think you'd eventually be a fantastic fit for PD!


All the best nonetheless!

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ZomZie is a amazing person, He has potential of being commissioner and i think it is a fit for him.

You are chill with alot of people and very trustworthy, I dont know what else to say but Good Luck Buddy!



i am your dad - J03HY <em><span style=😈">

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I'll start with the bad and then the good, the main reason it is a -1 is just because I do not know you well and I just have not interacted with you at all from memory. I have heard a few mixed things about you but I do not let that sway me here.


Being high ranking is very good as it shows knowledge of how police work and the effort and detail in this application is also a nice touch. Best of luck to you


Stay safe

- Cooper

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